Q1 didn’t let up one bit from last year, so let’s all take some time to collectively catch our breath.

deep breath

Feel better? Now let’s talk about what we’ve been working on over the past three months that should help.

With everyone as busy as they’ve ever been, it was important for us to make using Thrive even easier and faster so you can get more done in less time.

Check out some of the cool things we released so far this year!

Feature spotlight

More Relevant Search Results

When searching for contacts, companies, or searches, our previous search algorithm would sometimes return irrelevant results, making it hard to find what you were looking for. People use the search bar all the time, so it was creating a lot of wasted time and frustration.

You shouldn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes just to find the search result you’re looking for, so we completely overhauled the algorithm so we’re only displaying the most relevant results.

Also released

Default Placement Type

When creating a new search, the placement type used to always default to Permanent Placement. If you were creating an interim search, you’d have to manually change the placement type on the new search. For anyone who did a lot of interim work, this got old pretty quick.

Now you can change the default placement type to whatever you want so you can streamline search creation and reduce mistakes.

Recruitment Ratings

When using an external search firm, companies could track which firms they worked with, but weren’t able to capture any qualitative data within Thrive about how the search went.

With our new Recruitment Ratings, you can leave a 5-star rating and detailed notes for each search that a search firm completes and see the overall rating for each search firm you’ve worked with, giving you more visibility into past performance and help you decide who to work with in the future.

Offer Form Updates

They say “To err is human,” but wouldn’t it be great if we never messed up? We added validation to the Offer form’s compensation fields to help ensure that only correct data is entered into Thrive, keeping your data clean and usable. If something looks off, we’ll let you know. No more mistakes!

We also added the ability to display bonuses as a percentage of base compensation in addition to a fixed amount. Now you can track bonus information however you choose.

Anticipated Search Start Date

While Thrive lets you track any searches you’re currently trying to win or have won but haven’t started yet with the Business Development search stage, there was no way to show when the search was expected to kick off.

Now you can add an Anticipated Start Date for any search currently in Business Development and add the field as a column on the Search index page, letting you see start dates for your entire search pipeline and improve efficiency in resource allocation.

Up next


Get a more complete view of how everyone in your network is connected with our enhanced Connections functionality, coming soon. You’ll be able to see the degree and strength of your connections, type of connection, detailed notes, and more with just one click.

With our new Connections, you can identify potential backchannel references or insiders at potential investments in no time and easily create a short-list of candidates connected to your firm to jump start a search.


Candidate Assessments can be a great way to standardize feedback and objectively compare candidates to one another, but Thrive’s current functionality doesn’t unlock that full potential.

We’re currently working hard to give our Assessments a serious upgrade.

Soon, you’ll be able to fully customize your Assessments by making your own ratings criteria, leaving detailed notes for each rating instead of one note for the whole assessment, creating categories of individual assessment criteria to keep you organized, and building assessment templates that can be used across searches.

Quick View Panel

When you’re looking through your Contacts, you’re often only looking for a specific piece of information and don’t want to sift through the noise from their full profile. Plus navigating to their profile takes extra time and disrupts your workflow.

We’re working on building a Quick View Panel that will show you a snapshot of a Contact’s profile right on the index page, giving you the most relevant information at your fingertips.

And this is just the beginning – we’ll be adding more information and quick actions over time to make it even better!

Here’s what else we’ve been talking about

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