Ah, fall: there’s a chill in the air, pumpkin spice in your cup, and a whole lot of new features in Thrive.

We want to tell you about some of the brand new things you can do in Thrive that we think you’ll be excited about, plus a few things we’re currently working on that will coming out soon.

Let’s jump in!

Q3 releases

Autosave drafts

We automatically save your work for you

We’ve gotten a lot of requests for this feature so we’re really happy to finally roll this out. Here’s how it works: When you start typing in a long-form content field within Thrive, your work is now automatically saved as a draft. Now, even if you accidentally close your browser tab or navigate to a different page, all you have to do is go back to the field you were working on and – voilà – it’s all there.

So what’s a long-form content field? These are text fields that are meant to be filled with longer content that you’d be upset to lose your work on. Now you never have to worry about losing your work again!

Outlook inbound email logging

Log your inbound emails from Outlook in Thrive in just a couple clicks

You’ve been able to log outbound emails from Outlook within Thrive for a while, but that was only capturing half of the conversation. Any inbound emails that you wanted to log in Thrive would have to be manually added to the outreach section of a contact and within a search.

With this new functionality, you can now log inbound emails from Outlook to contacts and searches within Thrive in just a couple clicks. No more copy/pasting!

Before an email is logged, we check all of the recipients of the email and cross reference them with your Thrive database. If we see an email that isn’t associated with one of your contacts, we’ll let you know so you can add them if you wish.

This entire process is done directly within Outlook once you install the Thrive Outlook add-in. If you’ve previously installed the add-in to log outbound emails, you can start logging your inbound emails right away.

New user roles

We added additional user roles within Thrive that restrict access to all search-related information. Now users who shouldn’t be exposed to your sensitive search data can still access all other areas of Thrive.

This could be especially useful in a couple scenarios:

  • Outsourced research or data cleanup
  • Venture capital and private equity deal teams

We heard from many of you that you wanted these users in Thrive, but you couldn’t do it because there was no way to limit access to searches and you couldn’t risk exposing them to that information.

VC & PE firms can now maximize the value of the firm’s network—arguably its biggest asset—by having deal team members engage with and add to the Thrive database.

And firms who want to outsource research and database management can now confidently do so.

Candidate stage progression

When enabled, candidates can only progress to the next stage

Processes aren’t one-size-fits-all, but our default search stages used to be.

Now you can now create and enforce custom candidate stage progression paths based on your company’s requirements to make sure your own internal processes are followed.

With this feature enabled, you define your own search stage progression. Once that’s been created, a candidate can only move from their current stage to the next stage in the process. Candidates can’t skip steps or move backwards in the process.

Mailchimp integration

Our new Mailchimp integration will let you see the emails you send from Mailchimp as outreach on a Thrive contact, giving you more visibility on your marketing and outreach activities.

Coming up next

Benchmark compensation data

Want to take a data-driven approach to compensation but don’t have enough internal data to approximate the current market?

No problem.

We’re working on an anonymized, continuously-updated dashboard powered by thousands of verified compensation records giving you instant insight into compensation trends by role, function, location, industry, company asset class, and more.

You’ll be able to see mean and median figures, percentile data, visual distributions, and histograms—all in real time—to help you stay informed.


You know the value of warm intros and backchannel references, but it’s nearly impossible to get them without an easy way to map your network.

That’s why we’re overhauling our Connections functionality to make it easier to understand who knows who.

When adding a connection to a contact, you’ll be able to select how the two contacts are connected, the connection degree and strength, and add additional text notes about the connection. When viewing a contact’s connections, you’ll be able to see this information plus who added the connection and when it was last updated.

Contact review bulk actions

Currently, you have to add or delete potential contacts from the Contacts Review page one-by-one, but that can quickly get out of hand. With this new functionality, you’ll get your valuable time back by bulk adding or deleting contacts to your Thrive tenant from the Contacts Review page.