Uncertainty is the word of the day these days, but there’s one thing you can always be certain of: we will never stop improving our product.

Read on for this past quarter’s updates!

Feature Spotlight

Quick View Panel

Have you ever wished you didn’t have to go to a Contact’s profile page and interrupt your workflow to get the info you need?

Say hello to the Quick View Panel, which shows you a snapshot of a Contact’s profile directly on your current page, giving you the most relevant information at your fingertips.

And this is just the beginning – we’ll be adding more information and quick actions over time to make it even better!

P.S. We’ll be giving everyone access later this quarter once we add the ability to edit a Contact’s contact information, but you can request early access now through your Success Manager.


Get a more complete view of how everyone in your network is connected with our enhanced Connections functionality. You can see the degree and strength of your connections, type of connection, detailed notes, and more with just one click.

Now you can Identify potential backchannel references or insiders at potential investments in no time or easily create a short-list of candidates connected to your firm to jump start a search.

We’re rolling this out in phases to all accounts over the course of the quarter, but you can request to be in the next batch via your Success Manager as long as you’re not using the API for Connections-related items. If you’re using the API, your Success Manager can give you more information on what will be required to turn this on.

Also released

Reporting relationships

Need another reason to love the Quick View Panel and new Connections experience? Once you have them both turned on, you get access to reporting relationships!

With reporting relationships, you can see a Contact’s manager and their direct reports, as well as any direct report’s direct reports, with one click from the Quick View Panel.


Panels, workshops, interview days, and other events are a tool in many recruiters’ toolbelts used to foster long-term relationships with candidates. We wanted to create a way for you to link your event & attendance data to companies and contacts in Thrive.

With this new functionality, you can see any events a Contact attended on the contact details page or their candidate profile.

Making Thrive easier to use

We made a few small but mighty changes that we hope make your experience using Thrive a lot better.

First, we added an Edit Search button at the top of all search details-related pages to make it lightning quick to get to that page from anywhere within a search.

And since you’re typically looking for the same information when switching between candidates when you’re in a Search, we made the current tab you have selected for the current candidate the default starting tab when you click on a different candidate. For example, If you were on the Assessments tab while looking at John Doe’s information, when you click on Jane Doe, you’ll stay on the Assessments tab instead of defaulting to the Overview tab.

Up next

New & improved Assessments

Candidate Assessments can be a great way to standardize feedback and objectively compare candidates to one another, but Thrive’s current functionality doesn’t unlock that full potential.

We’re currently working hard to give our Assessments a serious upgrade.

Soon, you’ll be able to fully customize your Assessments by making your own ratings criteria, leaving detailed notes for each rating instead of one note for the whole assessment, creating categories of individual assessment criteria to keep you organized, and building assessment templates that can be used across searches.

New compensation fields

We’ve got the basics covered with our current compensation fields, but we’ll be adding more to try to cover more use cases.

Get ready to be able to track signing bonus, relocation bonus, and total compensation and log initial equity as a dollar amount and as a number of shares.

More bulk actions

I love doing things one-by-one! (said no one, ever). We’re currently looking into a few different search-related tasks to see which ones make the most sense to prioritize for bulk actions.

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