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Talent Discovery

Elevate your research to accelerate your talent network. Learn where talent gaps exist and uncover hidden leaders who bring fresh skills to the table.

Rediscover talent potential

Re-use research from previous searches to match the right talent with the right role

Identify candidates with desired skills and experiences from people in your existing network

Turn research into strategy

Map everyone you know, everyone you want to know, and the details about them that matter most.

Layer available talent data with company, sector, and industry insights

Search skills attributes to inform talent development and outreach plans

Align research and sourcing

Support your team’s investigative efforts with a system designed for executive talent

Craft a collaborative search strategy with sourcers, researchers, and recruiters

Elevate your research to accelerate your talent network.

Additional Features

Easy-Add Contacts

Add top candidates to your talent network from LinkedIn, Outlook, and Gmail–with no duplicates

Custom Attributes

Tag contacts and companies with attributes you care about most from industry experience

Export Slates

Send lists of your top candidates in an easy-to-read format

Activity Dashboards

Break down productivity metrics like new contacts added and calls scheduled

DEI Dashboards

Measure your DEI goals with unbiased data surrounding your talent network