As the Talent Partner role gets more visibility for the value it provides, more firms are beginning to add Talent to their platform offerings. But with so much opportunity for impact and because the role is still young, many new Talent Partners are left to figure out their priorities and offerings on their own.

We sat down with Jim Conti, Talent Partner at Hyde Park Venture Partners, to talk about what a firm should do before hiring a Talent Partner, how he brought clarity to his own role, and how Hyde Park has cultivated success without being a coastal VC.

Here are some highlights from the conversation:

  • Overview of Jim’s company and role (0:26)
  • Why Jim chose to move from in-house to a VC (2:32)
  • What a firm needs to do before hiring a Talent Partner (4:28)
  • Questions a firm should answer to bring clarity to the role (6:06)
  • Should Talent Partners be responsible for both HR and talent acquisition? (7:45)
  • How to use community as a differentiator (8:59)
  • The importance of finding a candidate’s “why” (12:15)
  • The recruiting practice Jim thinks should stop today (14:06)

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