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Feature Spotlight

Assessments are now in beta

Our completely overhauled Assessments functionality is now in beta, which means it’s almost ready to roll out to everyone!

We’ve been building, testing, and rebuilding behind the scenes to align the in-product experience with industry best practices while also giving you the ability to create and customize your own assessment templates based on your specific needs. Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Customizable templates let you standardize assessments across searches while allowing the flexibility to tailor assessments to individual searches
  • Categories allow for better organization of individual assessment criteria
  • Custom star rating definitions align the team on a clear, objective ranking methodology
  • Criteria definitions and recruiter notes provide a more context-rich evaluation

Our redesigned Assessments

Also released

Bulk actions

The early phases of a search are filled with repetitive, monotonous tasks, but they’re a necessary evil. All of the research, outreach, scheduling, and phone screens get you to your shortlist and eventual hire.

While we can’t eliminate all of that stuff, we can at least make it a little easier to do. So now, when you want to disqualify candidates from your search who didn’t pass the phone screen or move the candidates on to the next stage in your process if they did, you don’t have to do that one-by-one. You can select all the candidates you want to move and change their stage all at once.

More compensation fields

There’s more to compensation than just base, bonus, and equity, so we spoke with users to learn what other types of compensation they’d be interested in tracking and added those fields to Thrive.

Now, when you’re creating an Offer or editing a Contact’s compensation on their profile, you can get much more specific about the makeup of their compensation package and make apples-to-apples comparisons with other Contacts.

Résumés on Search Overview Report

Let’s get real for a second: people aren’t going to read through an entire 20-something-page PDF unless they win a million dollars at the end.

The Search Overview Report is a great high-level asset to send to clients about how a search is progressing, but it often left out key résumé information to stay compact and readable.

To help, we added a link to view a candidate’s résumé on the report so you can include all the relevant information your clients want without turning the report into a copy of War and Peace.

Up next


Imagine having a curated list of the best executives in any function that lives in your Thrive account. You could:

  • close searches faster
  • make introductions easier
  • identify A-players to add to your network in a snap

We’re working on making that dream a reality with our upcoming Pipeline subscription. We’ll use a mix of expert Thrive IQ researchers and a proprietary AI-powered talent intelligence engine to deliver and update a list of executives that meet your specific criteria—all within Thrive.

Flagged notes

Sometimes critical info doesn’t fit neatly into an existing Thrive field, making it more likely to be missed by team members and cause problems.

With our new flagged notes, you’ll be able to prominently display any of this information—in any format you want—in any workflows where decisions or actions are taking place.

In case you missed it

In the most in-depth report we’ve ever made, we analyzed more than 25,000 searches from the first half of 2022 to understand how public market performance and private market deal flow affected executive hiring and compensation by function, company size, and ownership type.

Grab your copy of the report for all the latest data and benchmarks.

In our latest episode of backchannel, Ali Smith from STG talks about PE’s diversity problem and how she’s trying to fix it, shares her strategies for dealing with the new normal for candidate behavior, and gives her tips on how to reduce job hopping for raises.

Listen to Ep 4

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