With talent getting more expensive, harder to find, and more difficult to convince to make a move — firms are looking into ways to be more competitive with their approaches in 2022 to keep up with what market dynamics are indicating.

The broader trends we’re seeing across the board:

  • Demand for executive talent continues to be very high
  • Compensation continues to go up across different roles
  • Search velocity continues to decrease, while days to close has been increasing

And, leading indicators point to the fact that there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

In a recent interactive webinar hosted by Hunt Scanlon Media, Thrive shared executive compensating and hiring benchmarks as well as survey results indicating search outlook for 2022.

Steve Maxwell, SVP at Audax Private Equity, provides industry insights from his experience leading the human capital function at a premier middle-market private equity firm with over 150 platform investments.

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

  • Overview of market dynamics (04:03)
  • What got us here: business is booming, inflation, new talent dynamics(04:44)
  • What’s ahead: PE dry powder, survey sentiment (08:31)
  • Compensation, volume & velocity benchmarks (09:43)
  • Executive search survey results & 2022 outlook (28:42)
  • How do you think executive hiring will trend in 2022? (29:00)
  • What are your top initiative hiring initiatives for 2022? (30:43)
  • What are your top obstacles to your 2022 initiatives? (34:44)
  • What measures are you suggesting to hiring teams in 2022 to be more competitive in the current job market? (39:33)
  • PE talent partner spotlight & trends (43:15)
  • Background on the role of PE talent partners (43:38)
  • The role of portfolio/human capital in PE firms today (44:31)
  • Division of two distinct partner roles (45:15)
  • Firms building full talent acquisition capabilities (47:44)
  • Audience Q&A (51:19)

Take a deeper dive into the executive compensation & hiring benchmarks featured in this webinar by taking a closer look at Thrive’s annual report.

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