A better way to manage your talent network

Executive recruiting and talent management are all about relationships and networks.

While teams are getting better at getting their information into systems like Thrive, getting information out can still be a challenge.

Why? Networks are messy. 

Who really owns the relationship? Are you allowed to reach out to that candidate? Why is it so hard to find your data? How do you view and share your activity and performance?

Thrive 4.0 was designed with these challenges in mind. 

From significant user experience updates and bulk actions to fully customizable reports, our latest major product update helps users track, find, and share their search and network details.

Below are a few of the features that make Thrive 4.0 our best release yet! Ready for a test drive? Request a demo!

New look and feel

A complete index page redesign and platform-wide color and font updates help users quickly access contact, company, and search data. The new Contacts page includes color-coded Off Limits indicators that can be clicked and expanded to display more information on off limits statuses.

The new layout is a more streamlined view of our data and allows us to more easily get an overview of our candidates.

Jake DeSousa, Search Operations Manager at SPMB

Advanced Search Panel

Our new advanced search panel makes it easier to select filters, networks, and saved views. The new Network drop-down menu allows users to select prebuilt lists of contacts, companies, or searches. Users can also edit which columns they want to display and export their view as a CSV.

Saved Views

Users can now save Contact, Company, and Search lists with Saved Views. This new feature allows users to save their advanced search filters, networks, and columns.

️ Bulk Tagging and Networks

With bulk tagging, users can quickly add tags to multiple records. Users can also add multiple contacts to Networks.

The new bulk action features are incredibly helpful in managing our ability to execute on searches more quickly and to capture information that enables us to be more efficient.

Jake DeSousa, Search Operations Manager at SPMB

Custom Reports

Partner with our team to design search and contact reports built for your brand, process, and budget.

See Thrive 4.0 in action

These updates will be available for all Thrive users starting April 20, 2021. Questions? Reach out to us at support@thrivetrm.com.

If you are not a Thrive user, click the link below to schedule a live demo.