Our customers are in the relationship business. Relationships built on trust, respect, and alignment. 

They take years to build and can be lost in minutes. With the stakes so high, every detail matters. One of the simplest yet most important details in executive recruiting is managing “off limits.” It’s a rule—often a contractual term—that restricts executive recruiters from sourcing certain candidates for various reasons related to client relationships.

We are excited to announce a major upgrade to our Off Limits capabilities aimed to help recruiting teams continue to build long-lasting and meaningful relationships as they scale their operations and adopt new technology.

Why Did We Update Off Limits?

We know how important off limits functionality is to our customers.

With feedback gathered directly from Thrive users, we learned that there was a need for clear definitions of off limits reasons and when they apply. 

Executive recruiters want to know why someone was off limits; who sets them as off limits; and for what period of time they were off limits.

They want to see a full history of previous off limits reasons. They need flexibility to create new off limits reasons, and turn reasons on and off as needed.

Over time, we realized that these seemingly small changes would have a significant impact.

How Did We Upgrade Off Limits?

With our customers’ feedback in mind, we set off to reimagine off limits—from scratch. After months of design and development, Thrive is excited to share a brand new off limits experience. 

Below are a few of the many enhancements that have been made:

  • Ability to create new custom off limits reasons and allow users to apply these reasons as needed
  • Thrive tracks and displays the cause, the user who applied the off limits, and the dates corresponding to the start and expiration of the reason
  • Thrive also tracks historical off limits reasons so users can go back and reference as needed

  • Admin users can add clear definitions for each corresponding off limits reason
  • Admin users can set off limits reasons to “active” and “inactive” as needed

In addition to these feature enhancements, Thrive gave the user interface for off limits a complete redesign to make it easy to interact with and understand the information at a glance.

What Does it Mean for Executive Recruiters? 

With our new and improved Off Limits feature, users will never have to guess whether a candidate is off limits or why they are off limits.

“Thrive’s recent re-design of the Off Limits feature has made it far easier to view and manage our relationships with clients and candidates,” shared Jake DeSousa, Manager of Search Operations at SPMB.

By design, this feature is built to adapt to users’ unique internal processes.

DeSousa continued: “The new back-end features enable customized settings to meet our specific needs. The flexibility of these platform enhancements has undoubtedly improved our workflow.”

And, perhaps most importantly, recruiting teams can maintain strong relationships as they continue to scale their operations and adopt new technology.

To see Off Limits in action, schedule a demo of Thrive today!