There comes a time in the growth of a company when new employees outnumber the founding team by a significant ratio. It’s an exciting time, but it can also be disorienting. With so many new faces it can be a challenge to maintain the magic of the small, scrappy early days when we all knew everything and everyone could jump right in to help our clients. 

The team here at Thrive works hard to maintain a connected, friendly culture that fosters productive collaboration and cross-functional teamwork. The primary way we do this is by hiring the best people — people whose default mode of operating is unselfish collaboration. We look for people who support others when needed, and who approach problems strategically  and with a positive attitude. We also look for people who enjoy wearing many hats, learning new things, and have a bias toward action. 

Maintaining a stellar company culture oriented around serving our customers isn’t just about hiring the best people. It takes constant work and reminders to maintain that focus, too. That’s why we launched the Thrive Team Values at a recent all-hands event. 

The event began with the unveiling of the five values by six individuals from the Thrive team.. 

Katie Jones (Account Executive) presented our Client-Centric value, which serves as a constant reminder that we were born out of the fastest-growing executive search firm and that client empathy is built into our DNA. The work we love to do is supporting our clients in their ambitions. 

Dylan James (Business Intelligence Analyst) talked about  Innovative, which represents our primary objective as a company: to use technology to disrupt and improve the inefficient processes our clients struggle with on a daily basis. This value also underscores our constant desire to find the best solution to our clients’ problems — not just the solution that’s the easiest to implement.

Everett van Buskirk (Product Manager) and Jeremy Keesal (Client Implementation & Product Support) launched the Hungry Thrive Team Value, which represents our entrepreneurial and “builder” mentality. We’re never satisfied with the status quo and are constantly looking for better answers for our clients. Also, we’re hungry to grow our own business.

Stela Foran (Executive Recruiting Researcher) kicked off the Humble Thrive Team Value, which reminds us to not take ourselves too seriously. This value highlights the way we interact with each other as a team, as well as with our clients. We respect the opinions and insights of those we work with, and make our default position one of humility and open to the possibility that anyone’s approach or opinion might be the best one.

Finally, Gill Hughes (QA Lead) presented our Inclusive value, which underscores our commitment to the value of open minds and diverse perspectives. We hire people with a wide variety of attributes and ensure that everyone is fully included on our team. This value emphasizes that everyone is respected, ensuring that we will take advantage of the very best of every person. 

We’re thrilled to publicly share the Thrive Team Values with the rest of the world here for the first time. We hope you learned a little bit more about our team. The new team values will form the basis of every major decision we make as a company — including building our growing team and solving new problems for our clients.