In-house executive search is more than just an “extra task” people can take care of during slow times. A successful executive search requires planning, defining the role, publicizing it, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, and making an offer that the candidate simply can’t refuse. The recruiting process also typically takes hundreds of hours over several months’ time. With these challenges in mind, read on to learn how you can conduct a top-notch in-house executive search.

Your In-House Search Team Needs Expertise

While it may negate a portion of the cost savings of in-house executive search, it’s important to hire a dedicated executive recruiter to head the team. Without the expertise of someone who has conducted executive searches previously, your search may quickly go awry or it may result in a lackluster hire. Hiring an experienced recruiter is well worth the investment.

Your In-House Executive Search Team Needs Time-Saving Tools

Whatever your in-house executive search team can do to streamline the search process, making it faster and more effective, will help yield better candidates and advance your search. Here are some ways you can streamline your executive search process.

  • Import executive candidate profiles into a dedicated platform from places like LinkedIn and Google so that all team members can access them instantly and compare them against each other
  • Track all communication with candidates as well as schedule and automate communications so candidates are kept in the loop about the status of their applications
  • Communicate instantly with team members to avoid the hassle and delay of scheduling frequent face-to-face meetings at each stage of the search
  • Create instant reports using imported data. This can be used both during the search to keep everyone up to date and after the search is completed to evaluate it for future improvements
  • Create a talent pool for future searches

With Thrive TRM, you get all of these features wrapped up into one time-saving tool, and you can give your in-house executive search team the support and help it needs to conduct a top-notch search. Executive search firms use Thrive TRM to save them time and keep themselves organized, so this is yet another way to be professional in your executive search process and stay on par with executive search firms.  Schedule a demo with Thrive TRM today to see what it can do for your in-house team.

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