How do the best executive search firms manage to find and recruit top executive talent all day, every day? Here are some secrets of the best executive search firms that your organization may be able to use.

1. They stay organized.

Executive recruiters may be working to place hundreds of candidates, so they need to stay organized in every way they can. For your organization’s recruiting, Thrive TRM can help you stay organized and track every interaction with every candidate.

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2. They get accustomed to “no.”

Recruiters hear “no” a lot more than “yes,” and they learn to expect a lot of “nos” with a few “yeses” that fill the positions they need filled. Asking for referrals is one way to turn a “no” into at least a “maybe.” You can track referrals and candidates willing to be interviewed through Thrive TRM.

3. They sell themselves.

Recruiters sell themselves to candidates as being able to place them, and organizational hiring teams can emulate them in selling their organization to executive candidates as a positive place to work. Recruiting-oriented websites and social media sites, as well as in-person techniques, can help with this objective.

4. They use social media to their advantage.

Besides the usual social media sites, LinkedIn has tremendous use for recruiting executives and offers various ways to reach candidates like writing articles, joining groups, and making connections with colleagues.

5. They work hard.

It is not easy to recruit executives, but organizations that are willing to put in the effort will reap the benefits of their hard work by finding the best possible talent for the organization. Working hard should go hand-in-hand with working smart, using tools that can streamline the process like Thrive TRM.

6. They do not waste people’s time.

Executives do not take well to having their time wasted and will quickly drop out of the hiring process if they feel you are wasting their time. It is best to be honest about a candidate’s chances and to stay in frequent contact with your top prospects about their status. Thrive TRM can facilitate and track contact with prospective candidates to make sure no one slips through the cracks.

7. They consider the candidates’ needs.

Executive recruiting is by necessity candidate-centered because that is the only way to hire successfully. Most executives worth considering have multiple offers and opportunities to consider, and you need to make it worth their while to put your organization at the top of the list.

Thrive TRM helps with all aspects of executive recruiting and can make a difficult job easier in many different ways. Being successful in executive recruiting can help your organization grow and increase its market share, and every advantage must be used to get the best possible results in this area. Discover solutions to help you find the right people using better data.

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