How do you deal with a changing executive search environment that consistently takes longer and requires more work to find the right candidates for a growing number of executive positions? The only way to overcome these obstacles is to learn to work smarter rather than harder.

Automate Tasks That Don’t Require the Personal Touch

Of course, some aspects of executive recruiting like building and maintaining relationships need to have a more personal touch and can’t be completely automated, especially in executive search as opposed to other types of recruiting.

Many executive recruiting tasks that take a great deal of time to accomplish by hand can now be automated to save time and energy. Today, tools exist that can search talent pools and aggregate them to discover potential candidates in a far less time-consuming way. ATS software can screen resumes to determine the top candidates that are worth reaching out to. There are more tools available to streamline recruiting tasks being released all the time, and at least some of them will be useful to you for saving time and energy.

Thrive TRM is a tool that helps with automating certain recruiting tasks for maximum efficiency and time savings. One of Thrive TRM’s features for executive recruiters has the ability to import candidate profiles from Google and other sources without doing manual data entry. Instant reports can also be created to show hiring managers the progress you’ve made and provide updates.

Use Data to Press Your Case

Much of executive recruiting is based on intangibles that are hard to pin down, and even rely on gut instincts that are difficult to explain objectively to hiring managers. Data is increasingly available to make candidate decisions more concrete and show hiring managers exactly why a particular candidate or candidates fit well with the position’s specific requirements.

Communicate Automatically

While the actual communication with executive search candidates and hiring teams may need to be personalized, having a central hub for communications and being able to schedule regular updates will make those communications more automatic and less time consuming. Email, text and other forms of communication can still be personal, and reminders can help you not to let anything fall through the cracks and save you time in planning. Thrive TRM enables communication to be automated when it makes sense to do so.

Multilingual Search Ability

Thrive TRM also has the ability to search LinkedIn profiles and other site in multiple languages for candidates that fit the profile for a particular job you want to fill as an executive recruiter. Not only does this option save time, it fulfills something that most people couldn’t do on their own.

Relationship Maintenance

Once you have placed an executive candidate into an open position, there may be candidates that didn’t get the position but that may be potential options for another open position. Thrive TRM can facilitate the relationship maintenance process by keeping organized contact information to keep these relationships alive so that some of the legwork is done when the next search comes along.

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