Talent mapping helps companies assess, evaluate, and review their current staff so they can be more ready for the future.

Talent mapping is a technique that charts individuals’ skills and abilities, assesses their performance and potential, and matches them with workforce planning strategies to balance an organization’s talent and needs. Talent mapping enables an organization to determine strategies for future hiring, including internal promotions, likely short- and long-term hiring needs, and development of existing talent to meet future staffing needs.

Mapping for the Future

Using talent mapping is important to an organization’s talent management strategy because it looks beyond the current staffing and organizational structure to envision what will be needed at various future points. In order to be ready to meet future challenges, the type of assessment provided by talent mapping is vital.

When talent mapping is utilized, training and mentoring or coaching programs can be instituted and modified for the future benefit of the organization, so that when the needs actually materialize, staff has developed the skills and capabilities needed to meet those needs.

If an organization seeks to grow in size as well as improve its talent management strategies, talent mapping can provide an effective way to prepare for growth, to foster it, and to help it along.

The Performance-Potential Matrix

When companies engage in talent mapping, they often use a nine-box grid called the performance-potential matrix to assess their current employees. This matrix measures aspects of performance and potential such as leadership, effectiveness at the current position, impact, and trust.

Utilizing the matrix gives HR professionals a good idea of the strengths and weaknesses of current employees, as well as their potential to grow or be promoted into other positions in the future. This information can then be used to find out what talent gaps exist in the organization, which can help with hiring both now and in the future.

Making Talent Mapping Easier

The process of talent mapping takes a great deal of time and effort. Thrive TRM can assist with the talent mapping process by facilitating the record-keeping it entails. Thrive tracks notes, makes it easy to automatically incorporate those notes into employee profiles, and creates reports based on data users’ input into the system.

With Thrive TRM, you can compile a profile of your company’s current staffing situation and better determine your future hiring needs. This information can then be shared with your entire hiring team and any members of management that want to be in the loop.

Another capability offered with Thrive TRM is feedback and assessment. Your hiring and management teams can use Thrive TRM to have an ongoing dialogue about the company’s talent management strategy without the difficulties of scheduling meetings and trying to get everyone together at the same time.

The information that is gleaned from the talent mapping process can then be used in recruiting and hiring efforts to make sure your organization’s ongoing needs are being met in the candidates you hire. Thrive TRM streamlines recruiting and hiring and contributes to a comprehensive talent management strategy. Schedule a demo and start getting the benefits of Thrive TRM for your business.

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