Executive search is a challenging profession—recruiting for senior-level positions means collaborating with selective clients and accomplished candidates. Add to that a fairly robust economy that has made the candidate pool shrink, and the challenge increases even more.

While it’s important to follow best practices in recruiting when filling executive positions, this can often be difficult due to the fact that there is almost as much debate on what constitutes best practices as there is on what makes a great executive. One important component of executive recruiting on which most experts can agree is that a number of software tools have made some recruiting processes easier, so it’s worth finding effective tools and using them to help in any way possible.

Maintaining Talent Networks

Executive recruiters know the importance of having talent networks on which to draw when sourcing candidates, but it can be time-consuming to keep up with the ongoing personal communication with members of talent networks that is needed to ensure some level of interest when a position does come up.

Software tools like Thrive TRM can be helpful in this process by cataloguing talent network members so that you can easily see what types of communication might interest them. Thrive TRM enables you to create private talent networks or share them company-wide, and you can even invite candidates to to update their own contact details and job preferences.

Assessing Candidates During the Interview Process

Interviews are only one tool recruiters and hiring teams now use to evaluate candidates. Numerous assessments from personality tests to sample tasks help determine the skill level and suitability of particular candidates and are considered with interviews to form a more complete picture of each one so better hiring decisions can be made.

Software tools like Thrive TRM can integrate with assessments and other online tools as well as organize results into easy-to-read reports to make evaluations easier. Having more data about each candidate meets the needs of hiring teams and allows them to feel more confident about making decisions to fill executive positions.

Speeding Up the Hiring Timeline

Thrive TRM shares information about assessments with all team members instantly so that evaluations can proceed much faster, enabling more timely offers to be made to desired candidates. Instead of waiting until everyone’s schedules match up so that a meeting can be held, messaging features allow collaboration in real time so that hiring team members can come to a consensus on hiring decisions in a fraction of the time.

The prospect of fewer meetings and faster hiring decisions along with assessment data and the ability to automate talent network communication make Thrive TRM a valuable tool for executive recruiters who want to maximize their efficiency and show clients they have what it takes to conduct the most effective, fastest executive searches. Discover solutions for search firms for more information about Thrive TRM’s capabilities for executive search.

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