Using basic talent acquisition techniques may have worked in the past when unemployment was higher and candidates were plentiful, but not today. Companies need all the help they can get to acquire top talent in today’s tight labor market. However, if you dig beyond the basics, you’ll discover talent acquisition techniques that will set you apart from your competitors.

Here are some secrets for success that’ll make all the difference between so-so talent and exceptional personnel.

Communicate Your Company’s Stability

Executive talent acquisition goes beyond the usual job postings and applications. Passive talent provides a significant number of candidates and even some of the best hires in executive searches. However, in order to gain more passive hires, you need to be able to sell your opportunity, which is why marketing is crucial. For starters, it’s important to communicate the stability of your company. It’s also important for companies to maintain a strong, positive, and reputable company culture and to effectively communicate company values.

Be Transparent & Open

Put all of your cards on the table. If your company has negative aspects under the surface, this may feel intimidating, but you will be more successful in your recruiting efforts if you put all of your cards out on the table. After all, executive candidates like challenges. The right executive candidate will have a magnanimous outlook, and they’ll accept the challenge to steer the ship in the right direction. You’ll also feel more at peace by doing the right thing. Be transparent. The good guys always win in the long run.

Be Unusual & Take Risks

People desire work-life balance now more than ever, and quite frankly, they deserve it too. If you really want to stand out, come up with creative, high-quality benefits to complement a competitive salary, and package them in a unique way. This will make your offer much harder to refuse, and it may even draw in some exceptional candidates that wouldn’t want to leave a comfortable position otherwise.

But remember, aim for the quality of the benefits, not the quantity. This way, you won’t drive up your costs. Another idea would be to offer the candidate a list of unique benefits and allow them to choose which benefits they would like up to a certain number. This way, they’re sure to be attracted to your offer, and all of their unique needs will be covered.

Work Smarter

You don’t want to spend more time on recruiting than you need to, and you also don’t want to sacrifice quality for speed. With Thrive TRM’s many features, you can save time and free up your entire team so you can focus on personalizing the candidate experience or looking for talent in more out-of-the-way places. Some of Thrive TRM’s time-saving features include the ability to import profiles from other platforms, instantly compare profiles, generate customizable search summary and candidate reports, and receive instant feedback after interviews or meetings via Thrive TRM’s sleek communications dashboard. Interested in learning more about what Thrive TRM can do for you? Contact us for more information.

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