Recruitment and talent acquisition are both processes that lead to hiring new employees, but there are differences between them.  Recruiting aims to find one candidate for one job opening, while talent acquisition aims to develop relationships with top talent and encourage them to become a part of the company as company needs emerge.

Why Recruiting Alone May Not Attract Top Talent

Recruitment is actually a much simpler process than talent acquisition in some ways, but the additional effort involved in talent acquisition can yield better talent, making the strategies involved in talent acquisition more worthwhile in the long run.

Strategies for recruiting include posting on job boards and sites to gain applicants for specific positions. Recruiting may also entail systems for screening resumes and narrowing down large numbers of applicants through the interview process.

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Strategies for Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition focuses much more on the process of identifying and attracting top talent. The process has many parts and can be time-intensive. That is because talent acquisition requires a number of strategies working together in order to be successful. Just one strategy alone will not be effective.

Social media can help develop relationships with up-and-comers in a particular field, and email marketing can be another good way to reach out and develop the relationship further or explore possibilities for joining the team. Company branding specifically geared toward prospective employees is another talent acquisition strategy that can pay rich dividends.

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The point of talent acquisition is to add valuable talent to the company’s roster, so sometimes a position will have to be created in order to bring talent on board. While it may seem like a waste of resources to add positions that are not technically needed, getting top talent into your company will have a positive impact on the bottom line when creative potential, sales talent, and other factors are considered.

Why Talent Acquisition is Worthwhile

The energy that is created when top talent is involved in an endeavor will lead to new clients, new markets, and new products, all of which will lead to revenue increases for the business. Companies that play it safe will not reap these benefits, because top talent is not looking for “easy” or “safe.”

It is more of a risk to go after the best of the best or to network without knowing exactly what will happen, but doing so can mean the difference between a middling company with middling profits and a breakout company with the potential to be the next Apple or Microsoft.

Talent acquisition can be difficult to implement and even more difficult to track in any quantitative way. Software can help with this process in several ways, including helping to create social media and email campaigns that attract talent and tracking the relationships so that talent can be identified and acquired more efficiently.

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