On average, every corporate job opening attracts 250 resumes. How are all those resumes processed? Over 90 percent of U.S. companies use applicant tracking systems and talent management solutions to handle the large volume of applications received every year.

Though once there was a sharp divide among search agencies regarding whether the use of talent management systems was wise, the evolution of talent management technology has largely settled that issue. Today’s talent management systems go far beyond simple databases and applicant tracking systems. If your search agency is not yet using a talent management system, or is limping along with an old, ineffective ATS, there are abundant reasons to consider making a change.

Here are some of the reasons for using a talent management system at your search agency. Talent management systems can:

Handle the Large Volume of Applications for Any Given Position

Search agencies that have no wish to continually dig their way out from under a massive load of applications use talent management systems to narrow down the resumes which must be analyzed by a human. This is good news for harried recruiters everywhere.

Save Considerable Time and Money when Compared to Manual Processes

Talent management systems not only process volumes of applications, but they also do it quickly. In addition to weeding out unqualified candidates, a good talent management system also automates social sharing, helps you quickly delegate tasks in-house, and manages your email candidate outreach. By saving a significant amount of time, you also save considerable money, since your staff can concentrate on the serious business of personal interaction with candidates, which leads to more effective candidate engagement and satisfaction.

Improve the Candidate Experience

It is becoming increasingly clear that good employee engagement actually starts with a solid candidate experience. Talent management systems enable search agencies to deliver a good candidate experience by facilitating a flow of communication during the sourcing and recruitment process. Modern talent management systems automate application status updates and candidate follow-up, ensuring that no candidate feels alienated during the hiring process.

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Help Shape Recruiting Strategy

A robust talent management system improves your recruiting strategies. How? Cutting-edge talent management systems include detailed analytics from which you can gather invaluable information about which recruiting strategies work best for your agency. Armed with such information, you can build future recruiting strategies based on data-driven decision making.

Finding the Right Talent Management System for Your Agency

Of course, when choosing a talent management system for your agency, you must consider your overall objectives and find a solution that will help you meet your goals. Thrive TRM is an excellent talent management system for search agencies.

Thrive TRM’s collaborative platform enables your search team members to work together seamlessly to identify and cultivate relationships with top talent among the pool of potential candidates. With real-time reporting, you can track your candidates at any given moment, no matter where they are in your talent pipeline.

From sourcing to onboarding, Thrive TRM offers a comprehensive set of tools to help your search agency find and recruit the top talent for your clients. Take a moment to discover Thrive TRM solutions for search agencies today.