It cannot be denied that marketing and recruitment share many of the same strategies. Perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in the need for recruiters to use a multi-channel approach to talent acquisition.

Just as marketers use content marketing, social media marketing, and various other channels to reach consumers, so too recruiters must leverage a multi-channel strategy to reach top talent.

Why the Best Recruiters Use a Multi-Channel Approach

There are a number of reasons talent management specialists employ different channels to reach candidates. For instance, according to a recent SHRM survey regarding the use of social media in recruiting, organizations listed the following reasons they use social media:

  • 82 percent use social media to recruit passive candidates who might not otherwise apply for a position with the firm.
  • 77 percent use social media to increase employer brand and recognition.
  • 71 percent use social media to target candidates with a specific skill set.
  • 64 percent use social media to facilitate communication between candidates and the organization.
  • 55 percent use social media because it is more cost effective than some other recruiting methods.
  • 53 percent use social media to identify candidates from another geographical area.

The same survey indicates that 84 percent of companies are using a multi-channel approach to recruiting. LinkedIn is the most popular social media channel for recruitment, with a whopping 96 percent revealing use of the platform for that purpose. Facebook is also used by 66 percent, followed by Twitter at 53 percent.

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Meeting Candidate Expectations with Multiple Recruiting Channels

The widespread adoption of channels like social media for recruiting purposes stems largely from a desire to meet candidate expectations. Today’s top candidates are digitally savvy and not content to simply read a static job posting or peruse a company’s website in search of relevant information.

Candidates perform their searches via a multitude of platforms, looking for clues about the companies they are considering. Having a strong presence on a number of different platforms and broadcasting your employer brand via multiple channels gives you the best chance of attracting proactive candidates as well as passive ones.

Using an Applicant Tracking System that Facilitates a Multi-Channel Strategy

For VC firms actively using multiple channels for recruiting top talent, a robust applicant tracking system can facilitate the process. For instance, a good applicant tracking system should be able to parse information from social platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub and should include email automation for candidate contact and outreach.

Another factor to consider is the quality of collaboration enabled by an applicant tracking system. As candidates interact with various members of the recruitment team, real-time collaboration ensures that everyone in the process stays on the same page. This facilitates a seamless candidate experience, thereby raising the probability of recruiting success.

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