With many innovative recruiting trends on the horizon, 2018 is a great time to reassess your talent management strategies and make improvements. While it may not be necessary to overhaul your current plan in favor of an entirely new approach, you may have room for improvement and a new year presents the perfect opportunity to explore new trends in the industry.

Below, we’ll explore how companies can consider changing their talent management strategies to evolve with current management trends and leverage all the resources at their disposal to make better-informed hiring decisions.

Prioritizing Employer Appeal

Recruiting is a two-way street. While potential hires position themselves as attractive candidates to top companies, organizations looking to be competitive employers should be just as invested in attracting top talent. This can involve rethinking their compensation and benefits structure, what perks and extras they offer, and the culture they promote as well as spreading the word about why they are a better place to work than other companies.

Today’s candidates want workplaces that are the total package. This means it’s no longer enough to offer a decent salary and job stability. Top candidates want to work for companies that offer value-added features like work flexibility, telecommuting, learning and development training, social spaces, and other activities that make coming to work more joyful and inspiring.

Holistic Diversity and Inclusion

It’s 2018; time for companies to start walking the walk when it comes to diversity and inclusion. While recruiters can widen their nets to attract more diverse candidates, it is also up to talent managers to think about how to better retain diverse hires and make sure their workplaces are inclusive. Make sure that your approach to diversity is not about checking boxes, but also takes into account the future skills that will be needed to fill critical roles. Understand the myriad ways that employees can develop ways to leverage unique talent when you find it.

Automate Certain Processes

The human aspect of recruiting cannot be overstated, but there are still ways you can do more to benefit from technology and automation. Talent management tools like Thrive TRM allow you to create a collaborative, cloud-based platform that shares real-time feedback on your recruiting and hiring efforts. This will enable you to make better-informed hiring choices and maximize the use of your time, focusing more on developmental and strategic tasks planning than the day-to-day minutiae of locating and vetting talent.

Want to manage your hiring volume and improve your recruitment strategy in 2018? Thrive TRM is here to help. Contact us today and learn why we are one of the top executive search software resources for search firms, VC/PE firms, and in-house recruiters around the world.

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