The talent market will be tighter than ever in 2019, so companies doing in-house executive recruiting must market themselves effectively as employers. By applying inbound marketing strategies to executive recruiting, employers will find the top talent they need to help their business grow and thrive.

Constructing the Funnel

Inbound marketing is often thought of in terms of a funnel. The top, wider part of the funnel is focused on attracting possible candidates and generating interest in the open position. One of the best ways to generate interest is through social media postings. Other ways companies can attract potential executive candidates are through blogging and in-person opportunities like presenting at an industry conference.

However, before conducting any recruiting marketing efforts, the first step is to create a profile for the ideal candidate. It’s essential to have a very specific idea about the skills and qualities you want for each executive position before you begin to market for the position and put people into the funnel.

The next part of the funnel is focused on conversion. It’s one thing to be interested in an opportunity, but it’s another to do the work of applying, customizing your resume, and writing a cover letter, even if it’s in email format. This is where you post on job boards, list with recruiters, and sponsor ads. It may be helpful to state in your advertising that the application is short and to list any other sales-worthy features of the position, like flexible hours or the flexibility of working remotely.

Closing is the next step as you move executive candidates further down the funnel. Executive candidates are not known for their patience, so keeping them in the loop is important as the search progresses. In all reality, the selling never really stops. Part of the job of recruiting is making an opportunity look more desirable than all the competing ones so that preferred candidates don’t feel tempted to accept another job before your offer can be made.

The last part of the funnel happens after the hire. Executive candidates are not onboarded like other employees might be with training and being assimilated into office life. Instead, onboarding usually involves making the executive candidate feel welcome and demonstrating the current status and condition of the company so assessments can be made.

Using these inbound marketing strategies for in-house executive recruiting can give your company a competitive edge in getting the best candidates before other companies can. Thrive TRM can partner with your in-house executive search team to facilitate better communication with team members and candidates, manage marketing efforts, and streamline your executive search process so you can make the offer as quickly as possible when you find the right candidate.

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