If you’re going to recruit your next executive in-house, chances are the members of your hiring team are too busy to drop everything and focus only on the search until the best possible executive is found and hired. Fortunately, there are many ways to make executive recruiting easier and allow your team to continue its other important work.

Getting on the Same Page

It’s important for the hiring team to be on the same page. Having a meeting before the search begins to pin down the job description and make sure everyone knows the criteria for evaluating candidates will save a lot of time later when you’re actually in the process of doing so.

The Thrive TRM dashboard is another way to keep everyone on the same page throughout the search process. Through the dashboard, all members of the hiring team are able to access job descriptions, candidate profiles, and other documents and data related to the search. Furthermore, all hiring team members can use Thrive TRM to communicate with each other in order to give feedback and share information, instantly in real time.

How Many Meetings?

Meetings are the bane of many hiring teams’ existence. Everyone’s schedules are different, and they are usually pressed for time as it is. Meetings can take up a lot of time during the recruiting process. After the initial planning meeting, there can be meetings to look at resumes after they are screened by tracking software, meetings to discuss each interview, and meetings to narrow down the candidate pool.

Thrive TRM can cut down the number of meetings your hiring team needs to have by allowing instant communication through the software, ensuring that all team members get each message and can respond at their leisure. If you’re communicating through Thrive TRM, you won’t need to have a meeting after every interview to discuss it. Hiring team members can give their feedback right through the software and let everyone see their comments and respond.

You should probably still have a meeting once in a while, and definitely to make a final decision and put together a compensation package that will blow your chosen candidate’s mind and get them to happily accept your offer. A facilitator can be useful to set up and run meetings and can keep the process moving so it doesn’t get stuck or slow down.

Hold on to Worthwhile Talent

You may come across more than one candidate that you would gladly hire, even though you only have one open position. But you can keep in contact with worthwhile talent and maintain the relationship, which may make it easier the next time you need to hire.

Executive searches may not happen that often and are rather specific in nature, so you may not have reason to hire your runner-ups any time soon, but you can still maintain contact and make referrals to other companies as you seek referrals for the positions you do need filled. It’s always worthwhile to keep contact with the best of the best, even if you don’t end up hiring them yourself.

Thrive TRM can help you compile a talent file for these candidates and even communicate with them from time to time with automatic reminders and preset messages. Schedule a demo to see what Thrive TRM can do to make your executive search process easier.

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