Sometimes getting started in executive search isn’t the difficult part—it’s maintaining your initial success. You’ve built a great in-house executive search team, but how do you know if it’s performing consistently well as it continues to function over time? Tracking the effectiveness of your in-house executive search team is essential to long-term success.

Unfortunately, staff turnover and fatigue can turn a top-notch process into a merely mediocre one, and the quality of executive hiring is likely to decline as a result. Here are some tips for keeping your in-house executive search standards high to maximize value.

Recognizing Decline

The first way to maintain a high standard in executive search is to put processes in place that will tell you right away if the executive search function begins to decline. If your team doesn’t already have performance measurements in place, tools like Thrive TRM can help you track metrics like time to hire, quality of hire, and other important KPIs that measure performance. When KPIs start to fall off, you will be able to see it immediately and go to work figuring out how to get the process back on track before the decline becomes entrenched. Fixing problems early helps keep them from getting out of control.

Let Your Team Off the Hook

Having an open management style will help you see which of your team members may be hitting the point of fatigue and might need a change of assignment or a transfer to another team. Keeping your team’s motivation and engagement high is of utmost importance when it comes to success. You can also establish ongoing motivators to keep things interesting, like rewards for those who bring in the most referrals or beat hiring timelines.

Invest in Your Team

Rewards are probably not sufficient to keep the team engaged and at its best because the executive hiring environment continually evolves and changes. Ongoing training and skills development is necessary to maintain high standards for success in executive search. It’s also important keep up with new developments and best practices. Remember that company leadership will see the result of quality hires in the bottom line, so it’s extremely important to prepare your team members to do the best work that they can.


When teams begin to flounder, it’s usually because team members stop following through with excellence on all steps of the process. Using techniques like performance-based interviewing will standardize the interview process, revealing top performers. When the process is codified, follow-through becomes automatic, and your team won’t miss any steps as they conduct a search.

Thrive TRM is a multi-faceted tool that facilitates instant communication as well as data collection and analysis. Schedule a demo, and see what Thrive TRM can do to help you maintain high standards.

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