5 Components of an Effective Onboarding Program

Onboarding programs are the first chance a new employee gets to see how your company functions. Often, much of the attitude they develop toward your organization develops during this time.

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Is Your Interview to Hire Ratio Too High?

Interview to hire ratio is an important KPI for how your hiring is doing. Interview to hire ratio measures the number of conversations your hiring staff has with prospective employees,

7 Tips for Recruiting Millennials

Millennials have a number of unique characteristics compared to the generations that came before them. Now that this demographic is making up a significant portion of the workforce, employers need

Reduce Turnover with Better Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding is an instrumental part of the employee experience, and one that can determine the retention of that employee. With most employees who leave a company doing so within

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Why and How to Measure Candidate Experience

The candidate experience can determine the quality of candidates your company is able to hire. If your organization is having trouble attracting and retaining top candidates, the candidate experience may

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