Collaboration is essential for a successful in-house executive search. From the initial job description to the offer and eventual hire, so much of the in-house executive search process depends on being able to collaborate, share ideas, and work together. Many large companies like Google, Apple, and Facebook have transitioned to a collaborative hiring approach and have found it to be beneficial to their companies.

Collaboration: Relationships and Communication

The foundations of all successful collaboration are relationships and communication. Collaborative hiring seeks input from not only team members, but others in the organization who will be impacted by the hire. For executive hires, this is pretty much everyone in the company. Getting input from a representative sample of employees can give great insight into the true needs for the position.

In particular, touching base with hiring managers and department heads during the process can lead to a more accurate job description, candidate pool, and eventual hiring choice. Executive candidates need to reflect and serve the entire company, not just one department or team.

Collaboration: The Benefits of Including Everyone

The more people who are included in the executive hiring process, the better the results of the search will be. Including diverse viewpoints may be more time-consuming, but will eventually produce superior candidates and choices. Collaboration also decreases the possibility that mistakes will be made throughout the process since each person’s decisions will be verified by others with a stake in the process.

Online collaboration is a cutting-edge way to handle the demands of including more people in the hiring process. With Thrive TRM, collaboration can be instant and is structured to include appropriate personnel by setting permissions and group access as desired. Some of the benefits of online collaboration include the possibility of progress outside normal working hours and greater honesty in sharing opinions.

Using a collaborative hiring approach can also be a selling point for executive candidates and make them more interested in working with your company. Being able to showcase a successful collaboration as you conduct the search process will further strengthen your corporate branding and culture in the eyes of top talent.

Collaboration: Using Tools That Help

The somewhat difficult part of collaboration is that it can be hard to stay organized and stay in control of the search when so many people are involved. This can make using a tool like Thrive TRM especially important. With the ability to form groups that can collaborate through the online dashboard at any time of day or night, your team and others don’t need to be face-to-face to collaborate.

Thrive TRM also compiles data like candidate profiles and various search metrics to help your team make the best possible decisions, faster and easier than could be done without electronic assistance. This tool is perfectly consistent with a collaborative hiring approach and will allow you to accomplish collaborative goals effectively without a lot of extra work on the team or team leader’s part.

The benefits of collaboration are why so many businesses are turning to this method for executive search, and Thrive TRM makes an ideal partner for a collaborative in-house executive search process. Contact us for more information about all the features Thrive TRM has to offer for executive search.

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