Of all the positions to recruit, executive positions are some of the most challenging. Executives are the leaders of your company, and careful recruitment practices are necessary in order to choose good leadership that will guide the company to greater success.

Not only is it difficult to choose from among prospective candidates which one will best fit the company’s goals, culture, and other needs, but it can be difficult to source candidates beyond the ones that volunteer themselves to be sure your company is getting the best possible leadership in its executive positions.

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Executive Recruiting Techniques

Assuming that your job description is specific enough and speaks to cultural fit among education and experience qualifications, it is important to engage with candidates in a variety of ways to ensure the widest possible sourcing. Posting the job on every available job board may generate some candidates, but using employee referrals, networking with colleagues in the field, and reaching out on social media in addition to posting the job far and wide will inevitably bring more candidates your way than using just one method alone.

Executive recruiting requires an increased level of personal care and attention once candidates get to the interview stage as well. Of course, you want to treat everyone you interview with respect and keep applicants up-to-date on the status of their candidacy, but it would be virtually impossible to show the same personalized attention when hiring a dozen entry level customer service reps that you can show when hiring an executive.

Patience is a Virtue

Top talent for executive positions is often in demand or currently employed by a company that wants to keep them as much as you want to hire them. You should expect counteroffers from current employers or even from other prospective employers, and accordingly decide exactly how high you are willing to go to hire a particular candidate.

Furthermore, you should not put all your eggs in one executive basket. Frequently, a candidate will decide not to accept an offer even if it is a good one, so continuing to interview other candidates until an offer is accepted will help keep you from having to start back at square one again.

Thrive TRM is software that can assist with executive or leadership recruiting by giving you a plan for tracking all communications between your hiring team, top brass, and candidates for any position. You will never again lose track of an applicant or top candidate you are sourcing with Thrive TRM’s easy-to-use interface and comprehensive tracking capabilities. Instead of constantly having to rehash the process to keep everyone on the same page, you can do so at the touch of a button with Thrive TRM.

Thrive TRM makes finding executive talent easier by integrating with HR tools like ATS and a Thrive TRM Chrome extension that can import existing web profiles without manual entry. Thrive TRM also incorporates a multilingual resume reader, a considerable asset for executive searches that can turn international. Schedule a demo to see Thrive TRM at work today!

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