Talent management strategy involves more than just recruiting and hiring.

Today, talent is king. 83% of talent professionals say talent is the top priority at their company, according to Linkedin. And without a robust and well-thought-out talent management process, companies are unequipped to meet the talent demands of their organization. To source and hire the best possible talent at scale, organizations need an efficient talent management process. The good news? Thrive TRM can help you streamline your talent management across each phase of a search.

Tracking and Collaboration

Thrive TRM was built with efficiency in mind. Thrive TRM creates a trackable and shareable record of everything that happens during the talent management process. That means your hiring team and upper level management aren’t wasting valuable time and energy sending memos, emails, or other documentation to team members about any part of the hiring process.

Instead, members can simply log into Thrive TRM, across desktop and mobile, and view search progress in real-time, as well as an entire history of what has already occurred.

Stakeholders can also stay in the know automatically, and receive notifications about each step in the process if they wish. This faster, automated communication can add up over the lifespan of a search, creating tangible time savings as your company’s talent management process unfolds.

Finding the Talent You Need

Before a company can hire, it must recruit and source candidates for open positions. Thrive TRM’s Chrome extension imports information from candidates’ and prospects’ web profiles into Thrive TRM with a push of a button. Hiring staff can even add multiple candidates at once with the multilingual resume/CV parser.

Creating private or shared talent networks is also easy to accomplish with Thrive TRM, and candidates can be invited to update their contact information and job preferences for faster and more accurate data.

Finally, as the hiring team communicates with candidates, Thrive TRM can log that communication automatically from Gmail or Outlook. This keeps everyone in the hiring team up-to-date on all communications.

A Streamlined Interview Process

During the evaluation phase of a search, scheduling interviews, review roundtables, and obtaining candidate feedback can be time intensive. Thrive TRM provides a venue for giving feedback about candidates, sharing notes about interviews, and virtually discussing hiring decisions in real time, thus lessening the number and length of meetings required to make hiring decisions.

With a faster feedback loop, and a centralized database for communication, Thrive TRM enables your company to make faster hiring decisions. That matters at a time when most companies are experiencing an increase in time for their interview process. Not only can faster hiring lead to better talent, it can also impact your company’s bottom line by improving productivity.

Onboarding and Beyond

Talent management does not stop with a hiring decision. Onboarding, training, and retention are all essential components of the talent management process that cannot be neglected if your company is going to keep the talent it has acquired. Thrive TRM keeps track of onboarding and training of new hires so that nothing slips through the cracks, and also tracks career pathing efforts that will lead to better candidate retention.

Thrive TRM supports a comprehensive talent management strategy and makes it easy to stay in control of the process every step of the way. Contact us today for more information on Thrive TRM and its talent management capabilities.

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