The executive talent market continues to be extremely competitive as unemployment remains low. Companies need to  move quickly to fill executive positions, to avoid losing talented candidates to other companies or start up opportunities. If your clients think it’s more important to get the right candidate than to do it quickly you need to persuade them to be able to do both. Companies have to be fast these days if they want to hire the top talent.

As executive recruiters, companies are depending on you to find them talent, and even if they aren’t concerned about speed, you should be. If they’re not fast, and possible more importantly decisive. they will lose out and have to settle. And that means you need to be fast as a recruiter, or companies will look at what you’re doing as unsuccessful and move on to another firm.

Take Every Advantage–No Matter How Small

Faster hiring doesn’t happen by just doing one big thing differently, it happens by making a series of improvements to your recruiting process–and some of them may seem very small. Using the best possible tools to automate and streamline, knowing when to seek personal contact and when an email or text will do: things like this may seem small compared to talent pipelines and networking meetings, but they can speed up your process just enough to grab top candidates before the competition.

How about social media contacts? Connecting with talented people through pages targeted to their interests can give you an “in” that others who haven’t taken the time will be lacking. There are any number of effective techniques out there, and you won’t have time to do them all, so be sure to pick and choose at least a few that others aren’t doing, and you will build a talent pipeline different from those of other firms, filled with fresh talent not already fatigued by other overtures. 

Saving Time With Software

“Wait a minute,” you’re thinking. “I’m already strapped for time the way I do things now. How am I supposed to find the time to add these extra tasks to my already-full schedule?”

That’s where streamlining comes in. ThriveTRM is a tool with many time-saving features, including importing candidate profiles from websites, side-by-side comparisons of their qualifications, and instant reports based on data you import and input. Instant communication with hiring team members helps avoid phone tag and time-wasting meetings to help you reorganize your recruiting around the tasks that will make your process more effective. Discover solutions for search agencies to see what ThriveTRM can do to help you find candidates and get them hired faster. 

Supercharging Executive Search Process Thrive TRM