The 12% QoQ growth in opened executive searches in Q1 was driven by higher interest in nearly all functions, but one of the standouts was CEO and President roles.

According to our data, seven of the nine functions we track were up QoQ in opened searches, and CEO/President roles were up 25%—the single largest quarterly growth we’ve seen for the role in three years.

For CEO/President roles, the quarterly growth was another stepchange for a role that’s seen significant attention in the last few years.

Since the market’s peak in the first half of 2021, CEO/President roles have grown from 11% of opened searches per quarter to 16% of opened searches per quarter. And save for a couple down quarters, most of that market share has been because the role’s raw volume of searches has been increasing. In other words, it’s not just outperforming a modest market; it’s flat-out growing.