Through January and February, opened searches for Sales executives are up 36% YoY quarter to date and CEO searches are up 18% YoY quarter to date.

The demand for both roles executives have been the most persistent positive trends in executive search over the last year and a half, and i’s showing no signs of slowing down in Q1.

One way to read this, perhaps, is that stock market’s optimism is rubbing off on organizations, as they look to get back to stronger growth. And if that’s true, there’s there’s another proof point to back that up.

While Sales has been a hot role for several quarters, Marketing is rebounding out of a prolonged trough: Opened searches for Marketing leaders (through January and February) have already surpassed Q4 openings.

These two GTM functions are the standout growth roles year-to-date, and, if there’s any skepticism around the whether that optimism is strong, we’ll begin to see whether that growth in other roles picks up steam.