Our Q2 2021 Executive Search Report is out and, in it, we’re providing up-to-date numbers on compensation by function, industry and size. Given the market fluctuations of late, it’s a timely benchmark on the subject, and we’re excited to share it.

While you’ll have to download the full report to get access to those compensation tables, we’re sharing every other chart and trend from the latest report here.

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The historical trendline on average executive compensation isn’t very different than inflation—save for some COVID-induced volatility.

Mid-market firms who are on an upward trajectory and seemed to weather the storm more than any other segment in the market.

Average base comp at PE-owned companies jumped 4.6% in Q2, suggesting that the sector’s rebound will likely be as swift as others.

Engineering and Marketing roles benefited greatly from strong QoQ growth for one very simple reason: They never dealt with a COVID dip.

While the share of out-of-state hires has continued to grow in 2021 (up to 53% after sitting at 38% in 2019), those hiring in-state are paying a significant premium