The economy continues to improve, which is great for companies’ bottom line and future prospects for growth. One aspect of economic growth that isn’t beneficial for businesses, however, is that the labor pool shrinks as unemployment numbers fall. Not only is competition stiff for finding the right executive talent, but it is also stiff for executive search firms as they seek clients for which they can source talent.

Standing out from the crowd of executive search firms will help you secure more clients and is an important part of remaining competitive and cultivating a positive reputation that will be attractive to companies seeking executive talent.

Doing Your Research

One way to stand out from the crowd is to do your research–and this applies to many different areas of recruiting. Research on the company you are recruiting for will help you understand their needs and how you can fill them. It’s important not just to research the position but to know how the company is structured, how the culture impacts the position, and how the company envisions the position in the future, all of which will impact the recruiting for the position.

Researching the industry will add even more context to the recruiting as you see how this particular company fits into the overall sector. It is also important to research individual candidates to know as much as you can about them before the interviews start. Research will shape the assessments and interviews that are done and can even be necessary in knowing what questions to ask of candidates so that you don’t miss anything in the process.

Be Accountable

Another important way to stand out from the crowd is to make good on your word. Doing what you say you will do builds trust in you as a recruiter and in your firm. In order to always do what you say you will do, you should be careful not to overpromise things you may not be able to deliver, like a certain caliber of candidate at a certain salary or a particular number of candidates within a certain time frame.

It can be tempting to promise whatever is needed to get the job, but it will backfire if you overpromise and underdeliver. And while it’s great if you can offer more than other search firms, creating unrealistic expectations will do more harm than good. It’s better to underpromise and deliver more than you promised than the other way around.

Having Tools That Simplify the Process

The right software can make the process of recruiting simpler and more effective for everyone involved. Besides saving a lot of time, technology can make it easier to communicate with hiring teams about your progress and show them your progress in real-time. Having the ability to compile and print or send instant reports as well as compare candidates’ qualifications side-by-side and have an instant message meeting to share impressions and insights will not only move the process along faster, it will solidify companies’ trust in your abilities and satisfaction with their choice.

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