Many executive recruiters are using social media now more than ever before, but is it essential to the process of sourcing and placing executive candidates? While many recruiters have jumped on the social media bandwagon, it is valuable to stop and consider what social media brings to the recruiting table—and what it doesn’t.

A Wealth of Information

Most professionals use social media to connect with other professionals as a purely social outlet. While many executive candidates will closely monitor their social media presence to ensure it is professional and doesn’t reveal too much, you can still learn a lot about a potential candidate before you even approach them. Platforms like Linkedin and Twitter convey a lot about a person including their experience, their approach to their job, and even their personality. It’s also a way to introduce yourself, begin a new relationship, and even nurture that relationship.

Using Social Media in Recruiting

Social media can be a way to get information out about a search so that your ideal candidates may see it and respond. You can also reach out through social media to gauge interest in a position, particularly when you already have a phone or in-person relationship with them. Balancing social media with more direct communication is usually the best road to take for executive recruiting.

Thrive TRM provides the perfect balance between technology and personal contact to make executive searches more efficient but not impersonal. When technology can be used to enhance the necessary aspects of executive search like in-person interviews, comparing candidate profiles and reporting back to the hiring team can be a great asset to executive search.

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