As the business world evolves, so must executive recruiting. The techniques and technologies of years past simply cannot accomplish what today’s executive recruiters need to accomplish. Not only is executive search evolving as a process, executive search tools and technologies are evolving as well, helping today’s recruiters tackle the many tasks they have on their plates.

While the main work of executive search firms is placing candidates into open positions, some executive search firms have begun to branch out into offering other services that companies need for their executive teams. Some of these services even dovetail with executive placement so more comprehensive sets of services can be offered as packages where appropriate.

Board Advisory: A Complement to Executive Search

One way executive search firms are evolving is by providing advisory services to executive boards. Advisory services may include helping with leadership transitions, focusing on best practices, and evaluating bylaws and guidelines in place to determine if changes are needed.

Providing board advisory services can be a precursor to handling an executive search for that board when the time comes. Part of the advisory services may include tasks related to an executive search, like revising job descriptions. Furthermore, your firm may have an advantage at being hired to handle these searches because you know a lot about the board’s process and what steps have already been taken.

Succession Planning: A Way to Help Long-Term

Succession planning can be important for executive boards because so much of the direction and leadership of the organization comes from executive positions. Having a plan for the continuity and consistency of goals will make transitions easier and help the company as a whole remain more stable when things need to change.

Many boards are not sure how to do succession planning and can benefit from your expertise, and it can also be a way to provide services when the organization plans to hire from within and wouldn’t ordinarily need a recruiter’s help. Effective succession planning can impact an executive board for years down the road.

Executive Coaching: Facilitating the Next Steps

Executive coaching is taking the role of a facilitator to help organizations determine their goals and direction. Executive coaching usually results in better follow-through when it comes to achieving goals because it provides not only guidance but also accountability in the process in identifying and acting on those goals. Executive coaching can be an ongoing process or a focused, periodic effort as needed.

The tools and techniques used by executive recruiters in simpler, less connected times are no longer adequate for the needs of today’s executive recruiters. Fortunately, Thrive TRM can help with your executive recruiting services by making communication easier and facilitating a seamless transition between recruiting and other needs. Data analysis through instant reports can also show organizations the results of actions they take or identify areas of need. Schedule a demo to see what Thrive TRM can do for your executive recruiting firm today.

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