Executive recruiters have a lot on their plate when it comes to finding the best talent to fill critical roles. When internal sourcing does not work, they must take on a time-intensive and often onerous process of screening and interview dozens and sometimes hundreds of clients. This takes time away from other important tasks and can sometimes still come up short.

With this in mind, many recruiters are turning to video interviewing to cut down on travel costs and save time. This article explores some of the pros and cons of video interviewing as well as how hiring teams can use ThriveTRM’s collaborative tools to stay on the same page as they go through the process.

How Video Interviewing Works

As businesses look for ways to be more efficient, video interviewing is developing a strong foothold in executive recruiting strategy. By engaging in live or prerecorded candidate interviews, recruiters save a lot of time as well as upwards of thousands of dollars per candidate in travel costs necessary to fly and lodge them. Video interviews can also be used to pre-screen candidates they may want to invest in flying in for an in-person interview.

Many video interviews can be conducted live as either a one-on-one chat with a hiring manager or with a panel of decision-makers. Alternatively, video interviews can be done on the candidate’s own time and prerecorded on their device for later viewing. Today, there are a number of video interviewing platforms that partner with companies and recruiters to build a personalized and branded strategy. Many of these are also accessible from a mobile device, both for the hiring manager and the candidate.

Pros and Cons of Video Interviewing

Besides the aforementioned benefits of saving time and cutting costs, one of the things that recruiters love about video interviewing is how engaging it can be. Many platforms allow you to play a branded video before the interview to give candidates a taste of your culture and values. Additionally, many of these platforms have additional functionalities besides just video interviewing to make a recruiter’s job easier. You can also pre-screen with simple questions via SMS beforehand to make sure you want to move onto the next phase of even having an in-person interview.

However, one of the major drawbacks in video interviewing can come with choosing to go with a one-way format that is disengaging and can actually repel your best talent. Another consideration is that because some require internet access and downloading apps and software, technical problems can pop up and hamper the process.

Thrive TRM integrates with just about any video interviewing software to track all of your contacts and collaborate with your team seamlessly. Schedule a demo today to see how we can optimize your recruiting efforts and add value to your organization.

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