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WilsonHCG is a global leader in workforce solutions that helps companies achieve their talent goals through innovative services that transform the way clients view recruiting. Jonathan Edwards joined WilsonHCG in April of 2017 as VP of Executive Search, he leads a global team that conducts VP-level to C-Suite level searches and is consistently recognized as a leader in executive search.

Jonathan’s team works with major global brands throughout six continents. Offerings include Executive Search Outsourcing (ESO), Retained Executive Search, and Executive Market Mapping & Intelligence Services.


While WilsonHCG provides recruitment process outsourcing and has an applicant tracking system in place, when Jonathan first arrived the executive search function did not have a dedicated software. Without a tool specific to their unique needs and processes, the team was left feeling frustrated and wanting something more. So, he set out to find an executive search TRM software. Jonathan first looked at competitors. However, he felt that their portals had poor UI, and he didn’t want an Outlook-based system since he runs a Google- and cloud-based business.


When Jonathan discovered Thrive TRM, the modern UI immediately excited him. He found that the software perfectly aligned with his business goals, and his global team loved the way Thrive TRM works seamlessly with GDPR requirements.

“Thrive was really the most obvious option,” says Jonathan. “With the Google and Linkedin integration and the Google Chrome browser platform, we’ve had nothing but a great experience with it.”

The fact that they didn’t have to enter in any of their data manually proved to be invaluable. Jonathan and his team were up and running within days after signing the contract. And over the course of the first few months, Jonathan’s multigenerational team learned the software with ease. “If you know how to use any web app, there’s nothing you can’t find in the Thrive TRM platform,” he says.

One of the biggest benefits of using Thrive TRM is that WilsonHCG can now solve searches faster. Jonathan and his team recently finished a project for one of the largest law firms in the world. They closed three executive searches in under 60 days, narrowing down pools of 100 candidates for each search. According to Jonathan, they beat the ribbon cutting for the company’s new site launch because of the client collaboration made possible by Thrive TRM.

With Thrive TRM’s client and internal collaboration features, clients can log into the portal and leave feedback, allowing WilsonHCG to make their placements faster and with more accuracy. “Our most successful client partnerships are those that collaborate in the system and collaborate with my team too,” Jonathan says. “It’s no longer about hierarchy and service providers, I think it’s about collaboration and partnership and flattening the playing field.” Jonathan finds that giving clients direct access to the platform builds trust and confidence and adds credibility to his team.

Jonathan and his team also appreciate the email integration, tagging, and data visualization features. This allows Jonathan and his team to compile weekly status reports and overall summary reports in a way that’s easier for clients to consume. Jonathan also loves how detailed the candidate profiles are on Thrive TRM, which even features candidate and company photos. “It brings life to the profile,” he says. “It’s not just a name in a spreadsheet.” This helps his team think of each search in a more holistic way.

With Thrive TRM’s excellent customer success and account management teams, Jonathan and his global team haven’t had any issues. “Having direct access to Julee Stone, Sales, and Gary Decker, Customer Success, at a moment’s notice and the broader product team goes a long way, and it’s been a big part of the service that we’ve enjoyed,” says Jonathan. “So, the technology’s great, but the people are great too.”

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