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True focuses exclusively on connecting emerging technology companies across the globe with dynamic talent from the top of the candidate pool. Their deep and experienced team works in seven offices across the U.S. and EMEA – drawing on proven track records and years of tech search experience.


For top-tier executive search firms, delivering value to clients requires more than mere candidate sourcing. Rather, they use their sector expertise and their experience to develop candidates and advise clients within broader context of team building and driving growth. Yet, it seemed to True’s team that most their effort was going toward responding to client requests for information regarding market compensation, candidate outreach, target companies and references etc. “We found ourselves constantly scrambling to cobble this information together – basically in fire drill mode – to address a client question or to support one of our recommendations,” recalls Joe Riggione, one of True’s founding partners. What the firm needed was a platform that could provide a direct, real-time view into the search process for clients, put all of the relevant project data at their fingertips, and provide a conduit for quick, seamless collaboration among all of the search team participants. In short, they needed an applicant tracking system that could double as a relationship management platform.


After trying a number of systems, True brought Thrive online in early 2015. Almost immediately, Thrive’s powerful tools began to help True’s search teams streamline workflow and engage clients more effectively. Now, clients could access project-specific data regarding market coverage, market compensation, reference feedback and other key concerns 24/7. In addition, the platform captures their input regarding candidate prioritization and interaction. And Thrive’s relationship management tools keeps clients apprised of every development in the process in real-time through automated notifications. As a result, True team members spend less time managing the search process, and more time adding value to it. “Now, we can really focus on the strategic work of developing candidates and providing insight,” explains Riggione, “leveraging our extensive expertise to help clients translate market and candidate data into the best possible hiring decisions.” The result so far has been better experiences and better hiring outcomes for clients. “The addition of Thrive’s platform is a great asset for True,” says True client Amy Spartz, Head of Human Resources at Gravie. “The app is a win, as it has freed me from spending so much time on search admin.” Not surprisingly, better client experiences have led to more repeat business and referrals, as well.

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