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Polachi is a retained executive search firm providing Access Executive Search™ services to technology, private equity, and venture capital clients. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Polachi specializes in recruiting CEO, GM, and VP-level executives for emerging technology companies ranging from start-ups to multi-nationals. Nationally recognized, Polachi has built a reputation for excellence by applying the highest professional and quality standards to a tailored, customized project approach for each client and assignment.


Prior to using Thrive TRM, Polachi was handling its talent relationship management using a homegrown database that was “old, slow, and painful,” recalls Karen Burke D’Agostino, Partner at Polachi. As time went on, the database began to show its age. “It was getting harder and harder to update, and it wasn’t interactive. It wasn’t in the cloud,” says D’Agostino. As a firm that specializes in recruiting for the technology sector, Polachi needed a software solution more in line with the tech-savvy clients who would be using it.


After realizing their homegrown application was holding them back, Polachi evaluated a variety of external options, including Thrive TRM. “Thrive TRM was so easy to use and met each one of our needs,” says D’Agostino. The firm decided to implement Thrive TRM based on its ease of use, efficiency, and straightforward implementation process. And despite their antiquated homegrown talent relationship system, D’Agostino says, there was “no disruption in business as we transitioned to Thrive TRM.”

Using Thrive TRM has saved Polachi countless hours throughout the search process. In particular, Polachi uses its parsing tools to quickly identify candidates and easily add them into the system with no manual data entry. “We’re out of the gate much faster,” says D’Agostino.

Thrive TRM’s ease of use hasn’t only been beneficial to Polachi, either. Polachi’s tech-savvy clients appreciate the software as well. Clients “don’t even need a tutorial or walkthrough on it,” says D’Agostino. “You send them the link, they go in, and they can quickly figure it out.”

This has sped up the search process considerably by allowing clients to add comments and feedback on their own time, rather than waiting for the weekly status report. It’s also helped Polachi up their game. “It makes you more accountable as a firm to know that your client is looking into your progress at any time, day or night,” says D’Agostino.

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