Your company’s corporate culture can be key to attracting and acquiring top talent, but the culture surrounding recruiting is just as important, if not more so, to successful executive recruiting. Here are some important factors in building a recruiting culture that will attract top executive candidates to your organization.

Executive Support is Key

As with most organizational initiatives, executive support will make building a recruiting culture easier and more successful. When the organization knows that executives support the hiring team’s efforts, everyone else will do their part to support it as well.

Executives can bring up recruiting initiatives in meetings, talk it up in official communications like newsletters and emails, and reach out to hiring team members directly to make sure they have what they need.

Using Employee Referrals

Employee referrals are an integral part of your recruiting culture. The hiring team should be frequently asking employees to give names of quality potential candidates that can then be recruited by the team. For executive recruiting, current executives and executive contacts should be asked to refer those they respect and admire for potential recruiting.

Employees who are excited about their jobs will want to help others get in on a good thing and will be happy to refer them to the organization. A culture that values recruiting will naturally help in those efforts and will drive higher quality talent toward the hiring team.

Employer Branding

Your organization may be very involved in branding as part of its marketing efforts, but it is just as important to engage in employer branding if acquiring top executive talent is a goal. A separate website dedicated to branding the organization as a great place to work is a must for employer branding, as well as other strategic marketing efforts dedicated to building a positive employer reputation.

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Adequate Funding for Hiring Teams

Most hiring teams are underfunded, with recruiters expected to handle too many acquisitions and not enough money going toward referral incentives and employer branding. If initiatives are not funded adequately, they will suffer, and top executive talent will not be convinced to become part of the team.

Without top executive talent, an organization may lack leadership that it needs to be profitable and successful. Finding the best possible executives should be a top goal of organizations that want to grow and expand, and support from the entire organization is needed to make executive recruiting work.

Thrive TRM can support building a recruiting culture with reminders to keep everyone on track with goals as well as tracking and reporting features that will help you see progress being made. The executive team can be looped in easily so that they can support efforts in real time, and success can be measured objectively so that everyone knows exactly how things are going on any given day. Contact us to see what Thrive TRM can do for your company’s executive recruiting.

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