Artificial intelligence (AI) has gained a foothold in many industries, and many organizations are now using AI for talent management as well. AI can help HR and hiring teams to be more effective in sourcing talent, hiring, and onboarding.

Advantages of Using AI for Talent Management

One of the main advantages of artificial intelligence is that it can process data with far greater volume and speed than other methods and draw conclusions that help with recruiting and screening candidates. AI is also more accurate because it reduces human error, although if data sources are not accurate, AI’s effectiveness may be reduced significantly.

AI can get talent management processes done with fewer employees and man-hours, which in turn enables organizations to save money in the hiring process or to reallocate resources to other areas of HR like training, reputation management, and building deeper talent pools.

How Organizations Are Using AI for Talent Management

Candidate screening. Instead of looking at hundreds of resumes for each open position, recruiters and hiring managers are prescreening resumes automatically and within seconds to find the most qualified candidates for a given position.

Candidate testing and assessment. Software programs are now beginning to use video and predictive analytics to assess candidates faster and more accurately to improve the time-to-hire and reduce candidate drop-out rates.

Candidate outreach. Artificial intelligence analyzes talent pool demographics and creates automated communications based on the perceived needs, goals, and motivations of the talent pool. AI can also help with pinpointed talent sourcing strategies for different segments of the talent pool.

Onboarding. Intelligent bots are handling data collection, creating new employee profiles, and handling questions from new employees, saving time and effort on the part of HR employees that can be put to better use elsewhere.

Revealing where the human touch is needed. As more and more functions are being taken over by AI bots, organizations must evaluate to find the areas that are best served by the human touch. A bot may be able to analyze and even engage with candidates and new employees, but even the best bot cannot care about candidates and new hires and provide the personal touch like a human being can.

AI will continue to have an impact on modern talent management for the foreseeable future, and organizations can benefit from its cost savings and effectiveness while still retaining the personal touch in significant ways. The best of both worlds is possible with the skillful application of AI technologies.

Thrive TRM has incorporated aspects of AI technology to streamline the recruiting and hiring process while enabling hiring teams to be more personally engaging with candidates and prospects. From automated communications to data analytics, Thrive TRM puts HR and hiring teams on the cutting edge of talent management.

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