More and more job seekers are using mobile devices to job search and apply for jobs.

Mobile recruiting is still relatively new. Five years ago, it was almost unheard of for job candidates to use their mobile devices to find and apply for jobs, but more than a quarter of today’s candidates do just that. Furthermore, top talent is more likely than other candidates to use mobile devices in the job search process.

Having an effective mobile recruiting strategy in place can mean the difference between finding the top talent your company needs and having to settle for the usual talent pool. Here are some ways to make sure you are doing mobile recruiting right.

1. Ensure mobile optimization, not just mobile viewability.

A website might be viewable on mobile devices, but is it readable? Top talent that gets frustrated with your site’s user friendliness will give up before they can become candidates for your open positions.

2. Use text messaging, which is difficult for candidates to resist.

Using texts to keep contact with your talent pool and let them know about new job openings may yield higher read and response rates than other types of communication, because texts are more immediate and are read more often than emails or even social media posts.

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3. Have a mobile job application.

Being able to apply for a job on a mobile device is still fairly new, and will set you apart as being user-friendly and on the cutting edge of your field, both attractive qualities for top talent. The immediacy of having a mobile-optimized job application will lead more people to apply and increase your chances of finding top talent.

4. Simplify.

The simpler you can make your application and hiring process, the more likely top talent will be to complete the process and follow through. People are not as patient on mobile devices, and if it seems like it is taking too long to submit an application or fill out other forms, you can be sure many will give up and you will lose them, probably for good.

5. Enable video interviewing.

Being able to conduct video interviews will allow people from outside your geographic area to interview for positions, another good technique for attracting top talent that might not be willing or able to travel for an interview. Combining video interviewing with mobile recruiting will help top talent that is not local feel more comfortable pursuing a position with your company.

6. Use mobile-optimized HR tools.

If your HR tools are not mobile-optimized, they may slow down your mobile recruiting systems and make them harder to use. Make sure your tools can integrate with mobile devices well and that they will not be an impediment to top talent rather than an asset.

7. Track mobile use to decide how to spend recruiting dollars.

Your company’s leadership might be skeptical about mobile recruiting, but tracking mobile applications and mobile recruiting site use will show that it is a growing way to connect with top talent.

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