Millennials have a number of unique characteristics compared to the generations that came before them. Now that this demographic is making up a significant portion of the workforce, employers need to figure out how to recruit these unique Millennials effectively. Here are some tips to help.

1. Meet them where they are—on their phones.

Most Millennials spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Employers can use that to their advantage by making their applications and recruiting websites mobile-friendly so that Millennials are more likely to find them and apply.

2. Find Millennials on social media.

Millennials are typically fluent social media users, and employers need to use that platform to reach out to them and develop relationships. In addition to LinkedIn, companies can develop a presence on Twitter, Instagram, or other social media platforms desired employees use.

3. Learn what they value in an employment experience.

Millennials value work-life balance more than the generations that came before them, so offering a flexible schedule or more paid vacation may be a way to attract them, especially if you cannot offer a higher salary than the competition.

4. Find ways to be authentic.

Millennials value authenticity. If as a company, you are saying one thing but doing something else, that will be a huge turn-off to Millennials and may lead to fewer hires or rapid turnover. Finding ways to show what your company is about and being sure to follow through, however, will set you apart in Millennials’ eyes and lead to positive word -of-mouth about your company.

5. Use the Millennials you have to source more Millennial talent.

Employee referral programs that offer rewards for successful referrals are a great way to get the Millennials you already have working for you to find others who might be a good fit. If you do not have many Millennials yet, approaching them directly to ask for referrals may be better than a company-wide program at first.

6. Monitor your online reputation.

More than previous generations, Millennials research companies before applying for jobs, and negative word-of-mouth will keep them away from your company. Have your marketing department set up Google alerts so you know when your company is mentioned online, and then periodically search your company on Glassdoor, Amazon, Yelp, and other relevant sites to see what people are saying about you. Often, there are ways to respond to criticism nicely and present a different viewpoint that viewers may take into consideration.

7. Use new technologies to attract tech-savvy Millennials.

Many Millennials now watch videos when they want to learn new things, so posting informational videos on social media, YouTube, and your website can be a good way to attract this group. Likewise, virtual reality content at job fairs or campus visits can also attract attention to your company and generate interest.

By appealing to the characteristics and values of Millennials, you can tap into the talent of this new generation and get them on board to move your company forward. Thrive TRM offers tools to help keep Millennials updated throughout the hiring process and show them that you value them and what they can contribute. Schedule a demo of Thrive TRM today!

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