Is your VC firm holding back on implementing an applicant tracking system? If so, the hesitation is likely due to some hazy ideas about applicant tracking systems that may or may not stand up to the full light of day.

It’s time to shine that light on some common ATS myths and reveal the truth.

Myth One: Applicant Tracking Systems are Glorified Databases for Job Applications

First off; you need a database for your job applications. However, applicant tracking systems are much more than mere databases. E-Pay notes that a good ATS not only stores your data, but it also helps you identify, qualify, and hire the best talent for your open positions.

Managing your talent pipeline is a high priority when you are looking for C-suite candidates. A solid ATS helps you tease out passive candidates and run a more efficient hiring process across the board.

Myth Two: It’s Too Hard to Use

Actually, a well-designed ATS will work within the parameters of your normal hiring process. Think of it as providing you with that extra boost to get the job you’re already doing done more quickly and efficiently.

Additionally, if your VC firm favors an online application and onboarding process, a good ATS just automates the process further, allowing you to get the information you need to make good hiring decisions with lightning speed.

Myth Three: It will Meddle with Your Other Software

No, it won’t. Choosing a web-based ATS means that your other regular processes are undisturbed. In some cases, your ATS will integrate with other applications you may use, providing even more bang for your buck.

Myth Four: It is Not Cost-Effective.

Do you believe the adage, “Time is money?” If so, you will be able to appreciate the savings that a good ATS can provide for your company. It streamlines your entire hiring process, saving major time for your HR staff.

A web-based ATS allows you to work from anywhere with internet access at any time. It also saves time for your in-house IT staff, since all maintenance and updates are handled by your ATS vendor, and not by your in-house staff.

Myth Five: Web-based Applicant Tracking Systems are not Secure

This myth requires some research on your part. There may be some insecure set-ups out there, but, as with any other web-based system you deploy, you can perform due diligence to ensure that your chosen ATS vendor provides a level of security with which your enterprise is comfortable. For the most part, ATS vendors take security seriously, because breaches of their systems would quickly put them out of business. Ask about security measures in place to satisfy your mind on this matter.

Myth Six: It’s a Cookie Cutter Solution

The truth is that a well-designed ATS is customizable to your hiring processes. In many cases, the level of customization is up to your VC firm. After all, your ATS vendor knows that your firm’s adoption of the ATS will rest largely on its usefulness to your particular enterprise.

Myth Seven: It De-humanizes the Hiring Process

While an ATS automates certain aspects of the hiring process like the more tedious tasks of sifting through countless applications in search of a few viable candidates, it does not eliminate the job of your recruiters or HR staff.

Think of it like doing laundry. No one wants to go back to the old days of beating laundry out on a rock by the river. You much prefer the process of putting your clothes in a washer and pushing a button to do the dirty work for you.

However, the truth is that even with the technology of a washer and dryer, you are still the one in control of your laundry. You put it in the wash, you put it in the dryer, and you hang or fold it when it is done. In other words, you still do the laundry.

Similarly, applicant tracking systems automate some parts of the hiring process, but there is and always will be work for your HR staff to accomplish to find top talent. An ATS eases the process, but the human touch is what ultimately nets you the kind of candidates that will enhance your enterprise. Your ATS enhances your HR staff’s ability to focus on the most important matters, like protecting your company culture, reviewing hiring analytics and making appropriate adjustments to hiring practices, and onboarding candidates successfully.

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