Attracting and retaining top talent is part art and part science. Talent acquisition software can largely automate the science part, but what about the art part? How can you determine if a job applicant has true potential? Are there certain characteristics that are indicative of elite talent? Here are a few:

Number One: Enthusiasm

Showing enthusiasm in and of itself does not indicate that a person has superior talent, but it is safe to say that not having enthusiasm is a good indication your candidate is not at the top of his or her game. Genuine enthusiasm may manifest itself in an applicant’s preparedness for the interview process, the level of research he or she does about your organization prior to the interview, and the general vibe you get from a face-to-face meeting with the candidate.

Number Two: Confidence

Though not every elite candidate will be a raging extrovert, confidence is a key characteristic of top talent. Confidence displays itself in a candidate’s openness about his or her expectations, a willingness to discuss strengths and weaknesses in equal measure, and the ability to speak up and ask for clarification when needed.

Number Three: Adaptability

Modern business is dynamic, moving with a flow unheard of in previous decades. Elite talent works within the parameters as established by your organization but also show remarkable adaptability when those parameters change.

LinkedIn gives this advice to interviewers looking for adaptability in candidates: “Do take note of how they react to their potential future workspace and colleagues. If someone brings them the wrong coffee, what is their reaction? If you schedule them for the wrong time, how do they react? If you are interrupted during the interview, what do they do or say? Any change to the norm is a great opportunity to see if a potential candidate is adaptable.”

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Number Four: Authenticity

Those with top talents feel comfortable in their own skin. They express honestly and openly what they expect from an organization, and appreciate it when you do the same. While this openness may run counter to talent acquisition strategies employed in the times past, it represents a huge leap forward in the way elite talent interacts with your employer brand.

A highly talented individual will openly admit to mistakes, while clearly learning valuable lessons with each one. When a candidate can openly talk with you about a past failure and how that failure provided insight he or she is using now, it is a powerful thing.

Number Five: Resilience

A close look at a candidate’s work history may reveal some interesting insight into his or her level of resilience. Regardless of the level of talent in your organization, at some point, mistakes and failures will happen. The most valuable members of your team at a time like that are those members who are resilient, able to roll with the punches and make adjustments as needed.

The Takeaway

Attracting and retaining elite talent for your organization involves being able to spot characteristics that define elite talent such as: enthusiasm, confidence, adaptability, authenticity, and resilience. There are, of course, many other qualities that elite candidates share, but these core characteristics will give you a good idea as to whether a candidate fits well within your corporate culture.

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