Recruiting and managing talent across the eco-system of your VC firm’s portfolio properties is no easy task. VC firms face unique challenges including managing and sharing talent networks for all their portfolio companies and competing globally for top talent.

These challenges drive VC firms to seek out innovative answers in the form of cutting-edge recruiting and talent management solutions. What are VC firms looking for in a talent management solution? answers: “The first step in any successful talent management strategy is to ensure that the most experienced, skilled, and knowledgeable employees are hired by the organization. Talent management solutions provide a variety of features that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of all processes involved in soliciting, evaluating, selecting, and on-boarding candidates.”

The Forbes article “The Talent Management Software Market Surges Ahead” notes that some of the features valued most highly in modern talent acquisition software are: mobile recruiting tools, online assessment tools, tools for candidate relationship management, and analytics.

Features that Make Thrive TRM Unique among VC Recruiting Tools

While there are many VC recruiting solutions available, their capabilities and features vary widely. Some of the highly variable factors are:

  • Ease of use
  • Scalability
  • Integration capability
  • Network sharability

ThriveTRM offers a truly unique recruiting solution for VC firms. Here are some of the features that make ThriveTRM stand out:

1) The Perfect Blend of Recruitment and Talent Management

Thrive TRM is a talent relationship management solution that was specifically developed to address the gap that exists between commercial talent management software offerings and the actual process of talent management. The Thrive TRM developers identified a need to combine the best of applicant tracking systems with robust relationship management capabilities. In this way, Thrive TRM connects the dots of the recruitment and talent management process.

2) Improves Collaboration across Your Entire Eco-System

With a completely automated, collaborative client reporting process, Thrive TRM allows hiring managers, recruiters, and C-suite executives to communicate and collaborate in real-time. In this way, everyone involved in talent management stays on the same page, all the time.

3) Provides More Transparency for Search Firms and Clients

One of the most striking features of Thrive TRM is its transparency for clients. In addition to building greater trust, real-time data eliminates the largely unproductive process of weekly or monthly updates on candidate status, and shortens the recruiting cycle considerably, meaning that your positions will be filled speedily.

4) Provides Scalability with Cloud Technology

Unlike some available VC recruiting solutions, Thrive TRM utilizes cloud-based technology and is completely scalable to match your needs at any given time.

5) Works from a Central Dashboard

With Thrive TRM’s intuitively designed dashboard, you can see a global view of your talent network at a moment’s notice. Thrive TRM enables you to capture search-generated market intelligence and share other resources across the firm’s entire ecosystem, all from an easy-to-use dashboard.

6) Handles Introduction and Referral Traffic with Ease

In addition to other network-building capabilities such as resume parsing and contact import, Thrive TRM handles introduction and referral traffic easily, streamlining your workflows and ensuring that your network information is up-to-the-minute.

These are just a few of the features that make Thrive TRM a truly remarkable recruiting and talent management solution for VC firms. To discover even more of the features and benefits of Thrive TRM, take a moment to schedule a demo today.