What is the most expensive thing you can imagine? Notable author H. Jackson Brown Jr. is quoted as saying: “Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.”

Are you missing out on the opportunities afforded to your VC firm by great talent acquisition software? To find out, consider just a few opportunities such software provides:

Opportunity Number One: Better Candidate Engagement

As UndercoverRecruiter’s “How to Build Candidate Engagement” points out: “Building candidate engagement is where the battle is.” Interacting with top talent early and often is the key to good candidate engagement. No candidate wants to feel like a nameless cog in the wheel of applicant tracking and talent management. More particularly, no great candidate will stick around waiting for an email or phone call that does not arrive as expected.

The right talent acquisition software will help you keep candidates engaged via automated email response. With a centralized database containing all pertinent candidate information, building and nurturing relationships with top talent is streamlined and efficient.

Opportunity Number Two: Enhanced Communication across Your Entire Enterprise

One of the most challenging issues of talent acquisition for VC firms or global enterprises is siloed information. In global firms, there are usually many, many fingers in the talent acquisition pie. Without some method of facilitating collaboration on a global scale, it is all too easy for some of your top candidates to fall through the proverbial cracks.

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The right talent acquisition software can change all that. With real-time feedback, team members can collaborate more effectively, ensuring that everyone involved is aware of candidate qualifications, the status of communications with candidates, and all other pertinent matters.

A centralized dashboard provides all team members with a global view in real time. That means that, no matter where your team or your candidates are, you can reach out to them instantly when needed.

Opportunity Number Three: Reduced Time to Hire

How is your firm doing with reducing the time to hire for qualified candidates? A recent LinkedIn article notes: “When companies find the right candidate, time is of the essence. HR managers must make an offer before a competitor does. Reducing time to hire — without sacrificing on the quality of interviews — has never been as important as it is today.”

Monster’s “Minimize Costs by Reducing Time to Hire” agrees, stating: “Make no mistake about it: a prolonged time-to-hire means opportunities lost and resources wasted.”

The longer qualified candidates have to cool their heels while waiting for a word from you, the more likely it is that your competition will woo them away from your talent pool. Considering the investment of time and money you make for every qualified candidate, talent acquisition software that facilitates a shorter time to hire more than pays for itself — and quickly.

The Takeaway

Failure to choose the right talent acquisition software is an exercise in missed opportunities. As competition for top talent intensifies globally, wise talent acquisition specialists fully embrace the opportunities provided by state-of-the-art talent management solutions.

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