About Longbottom

Longbottom is a global executive search and strategic advisory firm for the Leadership, Talent, and Human Capital Consulting markets. Founded in 2001, with offices in London and New York, Longbottom works as a single firm in partnership with CEOs and their senior leadership teams to execute their growth strategies through hiring, acquisition, and investment.


As a small executive search firm operating on a global scale, Longbottom needed a software solution that would save time and allow the partners in New York and London to communicate with each other and with clients all over the world. “Uploading a CV was a challenge with the system we were using prior to Thrive TRM,” says Olivia Heath, Consultant at Longbottom. “It was slow and outdated.” Longbottom knew it was time to upgrade to a solution that was faster, easier to use, and more in line with the goals of the firm.


After speaking with Thrive and seeing how well the software integrated with Longbottom’s recruiting processes, Heath says the firm’s decision to transition to Thrive TRM was a “no-brainer.” Although Longbottom was initially concerned about losing crucial contact data during the switch, Heath says that migrating the database to Thrive TRM caused no disturbance to the firm’s everyday work. “Everything came across perfectly. We lost absolutely no information,” recalls Heath.

Since making the transition to Thrive TRM, Longbottom has saved countless hours on administrative work related to searches. “Thrive TRM is just quicker, simpler, and easier. It has cut my work time per search easily by half, allowing us to either go into more detail for clients or take on new searches that previously would have not been an option,” says Heath. The LinkedIn integration in particular has “made our database aligned, allowing all candidate bios to be similar and neat,” says Heath. “Our old system used a manual import per user so differences in the importing of information added on time to our searches.”

Today, Health notes that nearly all Longbottom partners and consultants are on Thrive TRM daily. “Having an overview of what everyone is working on has allowed our firm to be fast, run smoother, and be more transparent between our London and New York offices,” says Heath. Using Thrive TRM’s dashboard feature, all Longbottom partners and consultants can see in real-time how candidates are progressing in each search, and have an overview of the entire search and its progression. “As a small global firm, this transparency is vital as it reduces our workload in regard to seeing what other partners are doing, and enables us to now use this time for our clients and candidates rather than day-to-day administrative work,” says Heath. “We’re all really happy with our decision to use Thrive TRM.”