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Foundation finds and places talent for innovative, fast-growing VC and PE-backed tech companies. Working with the world’s most accomplished venture investors provides the firm with unmatched insight into the acute needs of today’s high-tech, high-growth companies. The company provides core search and recruitment acceleration services across the product and engineering, sales and marketing, finance, and human resources sectors.


With an exceptionally deep talent network and a team of savvy search professionals, Foundation has long excelled at building strong candidate pools rapidly. Unfortunately, this early project velocity often slowed as collaboration between both internal and external search team members bogged down in the manual labor of intelligence sharing, spreadsheet updates, e-mail list distributions, and “status update” calls that focused mostly on what had already been done, as opposed to next steps. “From an internal standpoint, so many of our searches generate intelligence that can streamline and improve parallel and subsequent projects,” explains Foundation Partner Jeff Bruce. “But we had no system for our internal team members to access or share that information with each other quickly and efficiently.” Similarly, Foundation teams spent inordinate amounts of time preparing updates and action prompts for clients. “Our legacy system lacked a clear workflow to manage candidates at various stages and did not provide an intuitive view into the health of a search,” recalls Bruce. “None of this encouraged a high level of client engagement, which you really need in order to move quickly on top candidates.” As a result, searches were taking longer than necessary – at a cost to value for clients and Foundation alike.


Bruce admits that the concept of allowing clients to access the ATS and collaborate through it in real time was a novel one for Foundation teams. But the benefits of doing so quickly became apparent. “Bringing client hiring teams directly into the search has significantly increased accountability internally, resulting in timely and accurate data collection and better data input practices,” explains Bruce. These benefits are augmented by support from the Thrive Client Success team, which Bruce credits with providing incredibly accurate and thorough data input and rapid delivery – ultimately enabling recruiting partners to manage more projects. On the client side, Thrive has improved overall client engagement throughout the lifecycle of the company’s searches. “The ability to provide a market map to client hiring teams early in the search process has resulted in quicker calibration on candidate profiles,” Bruce explains. “Clients can prioritize candidates that we are actively pursuing in real-time, which helps recruiting teams zero-in on ideal profiles faster.” All of these benefits have helped Foundation achieve quicker close times, increased communication with client hiring teams, and ultimately more repeat business.

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