About Battery Ventures

Battery Ventures is a global investment firm pursuing the most promising ideas and companies in the technology sector. Founded in 1983, Battery makes venture capital and private equity investments from offices in Boston, Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and Israel. In its 35-year history, Battery has invested in more than 400 companies globally resulting in more than 60 IPOs and more than 170 M&A events by acquirers including Adobe, Apple, Boeing, Comcast, and Google.

Guided by data-driven processes, the firm has focused expertise in areas including recruiting and human resources; PR, communications, and digital marketing; scaling IT infrastructure and development; and business development.


Prior to using Thrive TRM, Battery Ventures did not have an online talent database to support recruiting needs across its portfolio companies. When Kelly Kinnard joined the team as VP of Global Talent in 2017, she knew she needed a software solution to replace the outdated system used by her predecessor—file cabinets overflowing with hard copy resumes. “We all know that once a resume is printed, it’s out of date six months later,” says Kinnard, who has led Leadership Recruiting at Oracle, and worked in Executive Search at Riviera Partners and SPMB prior to joining Battery. “We needed a way to manage and track which candidates had interviewed with what portfolio companies and track references.”


Before taking over as VP of Global Talent at Battery Ventures, Kinnard spoke with Talent Partners from various VC firms about their roles and what makes them successful. “One of the questions I asked every single one of them was ‘What database do you use and why?’” says Kinnard. “I heard from many talent partners that they used Thrive TRM, and it sounded like it was more suitable for my needs, allowing for a level of customization that I wouldn’t find in similar products. Based on the recommendations from industry peers, it made it an easy decision to commit to using Thrive.”

Today, Battery Ventures uses Thrive TRM to track candidates and talent networks across portfolio companies. “Every single candidate that we interact with is put into Thrive,” says Kinnard. With Thrive TRM as their central database, Kinnard is able to quickly source top talent to fill the specific needs of Battery’s portfolio companies and effortlessly make introductions. “I use [Thrive TRM] every day, all day,” she says.

Since adopting Thrive TRM, Kinnard has been thrilled with the level of customer support provided. “Anytime I’ve emailed customer support with questions, even if it’s Friday at 5 o’clock, I usually hear back from somebody within the hour. I like that I have a dedicated client success manager that I can contact if and when I have any questions, need training, or just want to learn how to use new features,” she says.

Most importantly, Thrive TRM has provided Battery Ventures with the crucial tool they were missing to build successful teams and drive business growth across portfolio companies. “I now have a place to track candidates, resumes, interview feedback, and references all in one place,” says Kinnard. “It’s created an online database of talent that we never had before, which is extremely helpful.”

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