Hire the Right Talent. Faster.

Thrive is a software company that develops cutting-edge applications that help recruiters and talent executives make better hiring decisions. Our collaborative, easy-to-use features allow you to spend less time managing a database and more time advising the hiring team.

Our Values

Thrive’s values are central to who we are. They guide us in our decision making, and lead us to provide the best possible talent management experience.


We were born out of the fastest growing executive search firm so client empathy is built into our DNA


Our goal is to disrupt the inefficient processes that our clients long to overcome


We’re entrepreneurs and builders at heart striving towards our goal


We don’t take ourselves too seriously


We believe in the value of open minds and diverse perspectives

Thrive Executive Team

Reed Flesher LinkedIn Founder & President
Michael Mooney LinkedIn SVP, Revenue
Louie Lafond LinkedIn VP, Client Success and Services
Brandt Nelson LinkedIn VP, Sales
"The app is a win, as it has freed me from spending so much time on search admin." - Amy Spartz, Head of Human Resources at Gravie

Elite search firms, VC/PE firms, and In-house Recruiters around the globe use Thrive TRM to reduce search times and improve outcomes for hiring managers.